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Recumbents Essentially Banned In France?

There was a rather worrying notice appeared yesterday in the French press. The notice announces the ban of "Vélos Couché", on all roads where the speed limit is more than 50kph (31mph). Although no clarification on the definition of "Vélo Couché" was given, the term normally applies not only to recumbent pedal cycles, but also to the hand powerd recumbents used by paraplegics. I have often encountered recumbents in France, and regularly see them on serious climbs such as Ventoux, which it seems they will no longer be able to access. 

"Rules of the road:  Starting in October 2022, bicycles will gain two additional categories: the vélomobile (bicyles with protective panelling) and the vélo couché (horizontal bicycles). As these bikes are lower to the ground and more difficult for motorists to detect, they will not be allowed on roads where the speed limit exceeds 50 km/h."  

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