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Saddle options

Hi. I am currently using a fabric saddle and quite happy with it, was wondering though if there are saddles that are "appropriate" for riders that do not move around much on the saddle. My research points to short saddles. Any comments and suggestions?


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jaysa | 10 months ago

I'm not really sure what you are looking for, but can offer:
SMP saddles lock you in place, so you cant move forward and backward - they also look strange but some people love them
Time triallists often ride shorter saddles.

It takes so long finding the right saddle - I wish I could have paid say £100 to try as many secondhand saddles as I like in a month.

Good luck ...

IanMSpencer | 10 months ago

I've mentioned I worked with an ergonomist before now and one of the things he experimented with was a no-nose saddle and what he found was that it was basically impossible too ride. The nose has a function of allowing us to control the bike.

My personal experience is that it is the trough that is important for comfort rather than the nose length.

In terms of moving around, I recently bought a Selle Italia saddle designed for comfort which was very similar in shape to a cheapy Giant saddle I liked. However, it had an almost sticky rubber covering and it was very uncomfortable because I couldn't slide into my natural position, I was forever fidgeting to get comfy.

Jimmy Ray Will | 10 months ago

Not a fan of the short saddle. 

Fizik Aliante is a great (non short) option for folk that don't tend to move in the saddle. 

For short options, I'd probably suggest the Pro Stealth as a great option. My reasoning being that the fronts of many short saddles are a bit too narrow, and accordingly they either allow you to move around too much, or they put increased pressure on your frontal sitbones. 

The extra width of the Stealth's nose is really stabilising and spreads any load across a wider area. 

If you are looking for a softer saddle, Sell San Marco Shortfit saddles are like a hammock. If you get on with them, they feel plush. I felt there was just a bit too much give in them. 

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