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Tour de France Tech 2014: Andy Schleck's Trek Émonda

We had a poke around Andy's brand new bike, and asked him about his plans for the Tour...

Just a day after the launch of the Émonda we’ve seen the first one being ridden in anger, and by none other than Andy Schleck of Trek Factory racing. So, of course, we stopped him and asked him a few questions about it. Well, actually he’d already stopped, because we were standing by the team bus.

Anyway. “I’ve been riding it since after the classics”, Andy told us. “Straight after Liege I had a few days off with my knee and after that I started training. We had to change back (to the Domane, which Andy has been riding up until now) for the Tour of Luxembourg and the Tour de Suisse”

But Andy will be riding the Émonda at the Tour, as will brother Frank. Asking who was riding what started a bit of a discussion between Andy and Gregory Rast, the upshot of which was that Jens Voigt is sticking to his Madone, Rast, Cancellara and Danny Van Poppel will be on Domanes, and Andy and Frank, along with Matthew Busche, will be on Émondas. Not sure about Haimar Zubeldia and Markel Irizar, though.

Fränk has one too

And does Andy like it? “I liked it from the start”, he told us, perhaps not surprisingly within earshot of the management and sponsors. But anyway: “I was on the Domane before and this is like the perfect combination [of the Domane and Madone]. It’s really light. You should try it out!”. We certainly intend to, although the surly glances from the team mechanics were enough to dissuade us from trying his. Or even touching it.

Andy’s plans for the Tour? He wasn’t telling. “I keep them to myself”, he said. “I have goals, and I think they’re realistic, but we will see”. Interestingly the team haven’t had first-hand experience of the Yorkshire stages. “There’s been no recce. We’ve done everything in France, from the cobbles to the Vosges to the Pyrenees to the time trial, but not these stages. I hear that Stage 1 is likely to be a bunch sprint. The second one, everyone says it’s a lot like Liege. I think it will be tough.” You’re not wrong there.

So what’s Andy’s setup like? His race bike has a full Dura Ace groupset; The Émonda has direct mount brakes front and rear and Andy’s bike has Shimano’s units, not the fancy-pants Bontrager Speed Stop ones we saw on the 4.8kg launch bike.

As well as standard STI levers Andy also uses a climbing shifter to control the rear mech when he’s riding on the tops. The stem is slammed (of course) and looks like a 130mm. Andy uses a standard drop bar, as do most Pros though not all, we saw some shallow drop bars on some of the Europcar Colnagos. Andy’s bars are a classic shape; other Trek team bikes (including Cancellara’s) were ergo. It’s all down to personal choice there.

Trek use SRM powermeters and Andy’s bike has a Dura-Ace SRM crank, although it also sports a DuoTap sensor on the chainstay.

Wheels are Bontrager Aeolus 5 tubulars (a popular choice with the Trek team it would seem) with 25mm Schwalbe One Tubulars.

Many Pros use standard plastic bottle cages because they hold the bottle more firmly, but Andy has light-as-you-like Bontrager XXX cages on his bike. We’d bet money that his Domane for stage 5 over the cobbles will have something more robust though...

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks at team bikes soon!

Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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Al__S | 9 years ago

Using a standard stem and bars will help up the weight as well, no need for them to use the super-light integrated carbon one from the production bike.

Lungsofa74yearold | 9 years ago

On basis of past history I'd say not falling off on the descents would be his main aim. Winning: unlikely.  19

themartincox | 9 years ago

Not gonna lie, thought it was a pretty cool tattoo....

Jacob | 9 years ago

This must be a comfortable bike as Andy was riding the Domane for comfort due to his injuries.

Shamblesuk | 9 years ago

300g lead weight under bottle cages for a starter!

eddie11 | 9 years ago

They are adding a whole load of redundant mass to it...

its called Andy Schleck

bum tsh  24 IGMC

I love my bike | 9 years ago

The questions is, what are they doing to get the weight up to UCI spec?

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