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Video: Canadian rider freaks out over jumping spider

Trigger warning: arachnophobia

Canadian David Hesson was perhaps a bit disturbed when he found a spider on his saddle, but he bravely got out his phone to take some footage of it until… well, see for yourself.

It's a jumping spider, but David doesn't seem to realise that when he starts videoing the beast. He soon finds out.

When I used to ride mountain bikes in the woods around Sydney, we called this behaviour an arachnoleptic fit. It was usually displayed by the front rider of a group after a few metres of early-morning singletrack.

The victim, who we had politely ushered into the trail with a cheery "After you!" would blunder into an orb weaver web having clocked the spider at eye level a fraction of a second before, and leap off his or her bike, jumping around and yelling "Getitoffme! Getitoffme! Isitoffme!"

There are about 5,000 species of jumping spiders worldwide. They are not considered a hazard to humans unless you're unlucky enough to both get bitten by one and to be allergic to its venom.

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He joined in 2013. He lives in Cambridge where the lack of hills is more than made up for by the headwinds.

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Roberj4 | 9 years ago

Bet that saddle squeeks like a mouse! #wellrusted

flathunt | 9 years ago

*Play it cool, I don't think anyone noticed*

marche | 9 years ago

another go pro road rage  1

HKCambridge | 9 years ago

Pfft, I have a zebra (jumping) spider than lives on my desk.

fukawitribe | 9 years ago

..looks like the little fella grabbed the video and f'd off..

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