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Sufferfest launches £6.99 monthly subscription service

Get access to the full library of turbo trainer videos streamed to your smartphone or computer

For many UK cyclists, winter means a lot of time spent indoors on the turbo trainer or rollers, and a very popular method of distraction are the Sufferfest training videos, which combine training plans with real life cycling from actual races. Now Sufferfest are offering a monthly subscription service allowing you to stream any of their videos to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The subscription costs £6.99 and is available on iOS, Android and Roku. The service gives you access to the company’s library of 20 training videos and because they’re streamed to your chosen device, it means you don’t have to download them and take up valuable storage space. It also means you can use any device.

You can only view the views through the Sufferfest app, and if you wanted to play through a TV from your phone say, you could use a broadcast facility lie Apple’s AirPlay. Also, if you subscribe through iOS it’s not transferrable to Android.

Not sure what Sufferfest is all about? Well have a watch of this short preview video, or have a read of’s review of one of the training videos here 

The iOS app is available to download now here as is the Android version. So, what are you waiting for, ready to suffer?

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