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Videos: Road rage Argentinian style - maybe British roads aren't so bad

Bus driver and passengers hospitalise Buenos Aires cyclist + cyclist destroys taxi

We may not know how lucky we have it riding on the streets of the UK, if the videos that have emerged from Argentina this week are anything to go by.

The streets of Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, which have previously been hailed as a haven for cycle commuters, appear to have become something of a battleground for cyclists and road users recently. 

Two videos emerging this week show violence on both sides of the cyclist-driver divide; one features a bus driver and three passengers attacking a cyclist, and the other shows a cyclist destroying a taxi.

According to Argentinian newspaper Clarin, the incident in the first video between the bus driver, his passengers and the cyclist - who appears to have been hit by the bus - was taken on April 19 but the footage took ten days to emerge.

The newspaper says that the bus hit the cyclist in the northern Villa Ballester area of the city. The situation is reasonably amicable until the driver appears to lose his temper after a discussion with someone inside the bus.

The driver goes on to throw the cyclist's bike out on the road and attack the cyclist who was out of shot at the time.

Following the swift altercation, the bus can be seen leaving the scene of the incident with the cyclist still on the roadside and his bike in a heap a little further down the road.

The police appear shortly after, an ambulance is called and the cyclist is taken away on a stretcher.


The second video shows an incident between a taxi driver and a cyclist which took place nine days later. Even less is known about this incident, but the video shows the cyclist causing clear and quite severe damage to the taxi as the driver looks on helplessly.


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Housecathst | 9 years ago

Come the reverlution I dream of people attacking addison lee vehicles like that.

paulfrank replied to Housecathst | 9 years ago
Housecathst wrote:

Come the reverlution I dream of people attacking addison lee vehicles like that.

And GoCarz if you live in Shropshire.

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