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Lorry driver who killed cyclist given year's community order and 11 penalty points

Clive Keegan thought Martyn Bamford was out of the way, but didn’t check his nearside mirror

A lorry driver who snagged and then crushed a cyclist has been given a year’s community order with 200 hours of unpaid work and 11 penalty points after pleading guilty to causing death by careless driving.

The Bristol Post reports how Clive Keegan was returning his truck to the depot in March last year when he pulled alongside another lorry, effectively blocking the road where scaffolding was being removed from a building.

James Ward OBE, prosecuting, explained how oncoming cyclist, 62-year-old Martyn Bamford, dismounted and attempted to walk his bike through the gap between the two trucks due to the footpath being blocked.

A vehicle plan showed how an 81cm gap at that end narrowed to a 36cm gap at the far end. Bamford attempted to backtrack but caught his jacket on Keegan’s lorry. Keegan then pulled off again without checking his nearside mirror and Bamford was dragged for around ten feet before being crushed under the rear wheel.

"The bike fell away from him and people were yelling for the driver to stop,” said Ward. "Mr Bamford was released from being stuck, he fell to the floor and the nearside rear tyre came into contact with him and killed him instantly."

Brendon Moorhouse, defending, said Keegan had seen Bamford but thought he had gone out of harm's way.

Sentencing, Judge Michael Longman told Keegan:

"The consequences of your driving on that day in March last year were truly tragic. You are an experienced driver. You have driven in a professional manner for years and it is clear you have done so properly and carefully. I have no doubt at all you feel keenly your responsibility and will continue to do so."

After speaking to Bamford’s widow, Keegan said:

"I am devastated for his family. I'm glad I spoke to his wife. She said she is bitter and it is understandable.

"This has been with me for 14 months. I wake up every morning thinking about it and I probably still will. I pleaded guilty because I felt that I was responsible for some of it even though it was an accident."

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BrendaP | 8 years ago

The lorry driver actually saw the cyclist and then drove off without checking that he was safe. How culpable is that? He should have spotted the danger the cyclist was in and just waited till he was absolutely sure. At the very least he should checked and checked again when driving off. It is about being responsible. Yes, people do stupid things - they don't deserve the death penalty. So many times I see pedestrians stepping out when the light has turned green for traffic waiting at lights. The responsible thing to do is to wait - even if they are on the phone. I have seen cyclists and drivers take off in front of pedestrians who make this mistake (to teach them a lesson, impatience, not seeing them - all bad reasons!) putting them in real danger. No matter WHAT a more vulnerable party has done, it is still your responsibility to not put them in danger or further danger.

Jacq Iveski | 8 years ago

If the path was blocked and it looked like the lorries were stopped, anyone could have walked through the gap. Jesus, maybe even a toddler.

Fish_n_Chips | 8 years ago

Horrific to visualise this.

Especially sad for driver, witnesses and cyclists family/friends.

R.I.P. Poor guy  2

We all mistakes, but to walk between 2 lorries?!

jmaccelari | 8 years ago

A really tragic story. I feel sorry for both parties.

Airzound | 8 years ago

Gruesome, but nothing to do with cycling.

notfastenough | 8 years ago

God, that's awful. RIP.

Don't try this, people. Just wait.

racyrich | 8 years ago

Be nice to know what was blocking the footpath? The other lorry? The scaffolding? It is hugely dangerous when something or someone blocks a footpath and makes no provision for safely circumventing it.

Redvee replied to racyrich | 8 years ago
racyrich wrote:

Be nice to know what was blocking the footpath?

This is Google Streetview of the road where the cyclist was killed,-2.573156,3a,75y,101.13h,82.06t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sa5R4uV7R3DGfov9M3ZkaSQ!2e0!6m1!1e1?hl=en

There was scaffolding along the wall on the right handside where the 2 mondeos are parked but I don't know when this was removed and wether that scaffolding or is mentioned in the various reports I've read.

sprintstar replied to Redvee | 8 years ago

I think this scaffolding was being removed at the time, one of the lorries was the scaffolding lorry.

STiG911 | 8 years ago

Seriously, I've every sympathy for the victim as well as the driver in this instance, but why on earth couldn't the cyclist just wait? Why risk it?

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