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Motorcyclist who killed cyclist after high speed wheelie jailed

David Staley was seen pulling wheelies on his motorbike shortly before hitting Sally Shalloe as she crossed Middleton Boulevard in Nottingham

A motorcyclist who was pulling high speed wheelies before he hit and killed a cyclist as she crossed the road, has been jailed for two years.

David Staley was seen riding his Honda motorcycle at speed along Middleton Boulevard, in Nottingham, moments before he struck cyclist Sally Shalloe as she crossed the road at around 7.30am on 21 April last year.

Mrs Shalloe died shortly after the collision, in which Staley was seriously injured. Staley was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, and immediately disqualified from driving. He pleaded guilty to the charge at Nottingham Crown Court, the Nottingham Post reports.

Hit-and-run victim's family calls for tougher sentencing

At his sentencing, he was told he would be disqualified from driving for five years following his release,and will have to re-take his driving test. He had been travelling in excess of the 40mph speed limit at the time of collision and was unable to stop in time when he saw Mrs Shalloe crossing the road. He has no memory of the crash due to brain injury.

Detective Sergeant Ged Hazelwood, of the East Midlands Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: "Staley's riding behaviour on that morning is absolutely inexplicable. It was idiotic, dangerous and ultimately fatal.

"The impact Sally's death has had on her family has been dreadful. To have to come to terms with the death of a loved one because of one individual's stupidity and selfishness is unimaginable."

Middleton Boulevard is a heavily-trafficked ring road to the West of Nottingham city centre. It carries a 40mph speed limit.


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zanf | 8 years ago


Anyone can ask for a sentence to be reviewed - they don’t have to be involved in the case.

Only one person needs to ask for a sentence to be reviewed.

How to get a sentence reviewed

Make sure you submit your request within 28 days of the sentencing.

Provide as much information as you can about the case, eg the:

name of the person who got the sentence
date the sentence was given
court where the case was held
crime committed

Attorney General’s Office
uls.referrals [at]
Telephone: 020 7271 2492
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


I have asked for the sentence to be reviewed but if you feel its inappropriate and unduly lenient, you should email them too. If it becomes the case that the AG is flooded with review requests then it will put pressure to review sentencing, and we all know that driving offences, especially where theres a fatality, require reviewing.

Yorkshire wallet | 8 years ago

Celebrity bottom touching allegations from the 1970s - 8 years

Killing a cyclist whilst stunting - 2 years

bendertherobot | 8 years ago

Difficult to comment definititely without hearing the case but struggling to see how this wasn't level 1 or 2.

Looks like Level 3 with a starting point of 3 years, discounted for early guilty plea and with the "mitigating factor" that the Defendant was also seriously injured. Yes, folks, that is a mitigating factor in the guidelines.

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