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LCC and LTDA agree on cyclist/taxi driver behaviour pact

Eight-point plan for road safety comprises advice for cyclists and taxi drivers

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) have together agreed an eight-point plan for road safety. The plan comprises four pieces of advice for taxi drivers and four for cyclists.

The two seem unlikely bedfellows in that the LTDA has frequently campaigned against cycle infrastructure.

Last year it launched a judicial review of the East-West Cycle Superhighway, arguing a lack of planning permission, and it is currently campaigning to have a lane of motor traffic restored to Torrington Place and Tavistock Place instead of a bike lane.

This isn’t however the first time they have joined forces. Earlier this year they came together to call for action on illegal and dangerous levels of air pollution in the capital.

Announcing the new campaign, LCC chief executive, Ashok Sinha, said: “The London Cycling Campaign is pleased to join the LTDA and the City in this initiative. Every road user has a part to play in making our streets safer for all and by taking the steps set out today, cabbies and cyclists can help reduce the number of collisions on the city’s streets.”

The four points of advice for taxi drivers are:

  • Always check for cyclists before opening doors
  • Check for cyclists and indicate before performing U-turns or pulling in to pick up/drop off passengers
  • Check for cyclists when manoeuvring and stick to the speed limit
  • Check there is safe room to pass before overtaking cyclists

The four points of advice for cyclists are:

  • Always look out for taxis and avoid undertaking when a cabbie indicates to pick up/drop off a fare
  • Take account of the conditions and slow down on busy streets
  • Indicate clearly when making a turn and look out for other road users when overtaking or changing lanes
  • Have working lights for cycling in the dark

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