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Great cycling deals in Chain Reaction Cycles' January Sale DealCatcher Takeover

Top deals on top brands: De Marchi, Northwave, Endura, Lezyne, Look and loads more

Just like Father Christmas Chain Reaction Cycles has had a busy festive period. The cycling retailer hasn't been giving gifts to the planet's billions of children, rather CRC has been preparing a great selection of cycling deals to see 2017 in.

And here are a selection of them.

Every Thursday this month CRC will be discounting even more bits osf cycling gear. This week's selection includes bib tights, cycling shoes, jerseys, pedals, lights, bikes, and more!

What are you waiting for? Tuck in!


57% off De Marchi's Windproof Bib Tights
WAS £139.99 | NOW £59.99

De Marchi Windproof Front Bibtight.png

First up in today's round-up are a pair of De Marchi bib tights.

These are perfect for the cold rides ahead before Spring makes everything more palatable. The tights are thermal fleece-lined and feature a windproof material on the front to protect you from particularly chilly headwinds.

At under £60 these are a bargain, especially if you're particularly susceptible to the cold.

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52% off Northwave's 2016 Nirvana MTB Shoes
WAS £164.99 | NOW £79.99

Northwave Nirvana MTB Shoes.png

Northwave do great cycling shoes for both mountain bikers and road cyclists. We should know, we've reviewed enough of them.

Some of you will shirk at the MTB lettering, but you shouldn't. MTB shoes are far more practical for the commuters among you because you can walk in them far more effectively.

These Nirvanas are pretty lightweight for MTB shoes too - weighing in at a carbon-aided 369g - and feature thermoweld construction to keep your toes toasty and a two strap plus lace wrench closing system.

All in all they're a great, comfortable option.

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50% off Endura's Printed Retro Jersey
WAS £44.99 | NOW £22.49

Endura Retro Printed Jersey.png

If Santa wasn't kind enough to bring you a new cycling jersey this year, don't fret, because Endura's gloriously retro Printer Retro Jersey is available at a bargain price.

While it looks retro, Endura says that the CoolMax blend fast-wick fabric is anything but. The seams are flatlocked for comfort and the concealed front zip keeps everythnig looking stylish while maintaining temperature flexibility.

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50% off Look's Keo 2 Max Blade Pedals
WAS £109.99 | NOW £54.99

Look Keo 2 Max Blade.png

As far as pricey these pedals look, we can promise you that they're worth the investment; if you're into high tech lightweight pedals.

Our man Jez Ash took these out for several spins and came to the conclusion that the pedals were "super stable" while highlighting the pleasant inclusion of Look's glass fibre leaf spring in a pair of pedals around the £100 price point.

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45% off Skins' Cycle Bib Shorts
WAS £125.00 | NOW £68.99

Skins Cycle Bib Shorts.png

Bib shorts are a brave buy at this time of year. You'll undoubtedly be tempted to take them out for a spin, but the question is: will your knees survive?

In all likelihood the answer to that question is yes, and you can get your hands on a decent pair of last year's bibs for a mighty fine price at this time of year.

These Skins shorts offer a compression gradient, giving you the right support in the right places, a premium chamois and various other complicated bonuses.

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42% off Lezyne's Macro Drive 600XL Light Set
WAS £94.99 | NOW £54.99

Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL-Micro Pair Light Set.png

The nights are still dark, in case you haven't noticed, and they'll continue to be long for a little while yet.

If you're in need of a new pair of lights, look no further than this deal that's currently seeing £50 sliced off the RRP for an excellent pair of Lezyne lights.

We gave the front Macro Drive 600XL light a massive 9/10 last year. Our reviewer Ed Mason called it "great value" at full price.

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40% off oneten's Long Sleeve Base Layer
WAS £24.99 | NOW £14.99

OneTen Longsleeve Base Layer.png

Sure the shops are already full of Easter bits and bobs, but we can promise you that we're not really that close to Spring yet. 

There'll be plenty of frozen commutes ahead, arguably more than we've seen so far this winter, so if you're still not fully equipped for the cold weather, now's the time.

This oneten base layer will do an excellent job of keeping you comfortable and warm; we gave the short sleeve version an 8/10.

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40% off Fizik's Antares R5 K:IUM Road Saddle
WAS £124.99 | NOW £74.99

Fizik Antares R5 KIUM Saddle.png

If you're after a light, comfortable road saddle that sums up all the great things that Fizik do, the Antares is the line for you.

Back in 2009 we took the Anteres saddle out for a spin. It rolled home wit a 9/10.

Sure a few years have passed since then, but Fizik's track record has remained strong.

For your money you'll be getting a carbon-reinforced nylon wing, microtex thigh glides and cover, and Fizik's own metal compound K:ium in the rail. Fancy.

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22% off Cube's Attain Road Bike
WAS £599.00 | NOW £469.99

Cube Attain Road Bike 2016.png

Cube's disc-equipped Attain snuck its way into our 2017 Buyer's Guide to Aluminium Bikes. It managed that in part because we reckon it's one of the most contemporary road bikes out there.

A combination of speed and comfort will see any prospective cyclist right, and at this price almost any prospective cyclist should have access to it.

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20% off Elite's Arion Mag Parabolic Resistance Rollers
WAS £299.99 | NOW £239.99

Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Resistance Rollers.jpg

Finally, if you're not that up for venturing out into the cold dark night/morning, don't worry there are plenty of options for you.

Like rollers.

We've reviewed Elite rollers before, pretty positively too. The Real E-Motion Rollers from Elite were taken for a spin by our own Dave Atkinson, who enjoyed his time with them.

These have three resistance levels though, which offer excellent flexibility as well as different challenges and a constantly changing riding experience.

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