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Roadnoise launch a hi-vis vest with built in tunes

Want to ride to a little music? Well now you can do so without covering your ears

Riding around listening to some tunes can be very nice. But many people don't like to lose the clues to what's going on around them that come from hearing.  This hi-vis vest from Roadnoise has speakers built in so you can have both music and hearing. 

Intended to be used for both running and cycling, the Roadnoise Long Haul features amplified speakers that sit right below, not in your ears. This should mean that you can hear traffic more clearly although it will still limit your hearing.

The vest comes with USB rechargeable amplifier/volume controls for ease of use. The volume control sits in a pouch with a short cable. With a longer cable and some clever hacking, you could probably mount it to your bars. 

You'll need to save up though, this one here is just shy of £100 plus shipping.

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It holds the largest phones comfortably but theres also the option to use your old mp3 player as the controller connects to wired devices. The two front mesh pockets can house 2 SoftFlask bottles if you need extra hydration on long rides.Quite handily theres also a hydration reservoir that secures via a bungee cord.

There's also space for small lights for commuting. All of this is built around a bright and reflective vest. 

There are 3 size options and also 3 colour options.

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Yorkshire wallet | 7 years ago
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That's as bad as those dudes on Honda Goldwings who ride round with crap blaring out. I'd imagine you'd have to be a contraption captain breed of biker to embrace this?

Grahamd | 7 years ago
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I don't mind the concept, but it looks awful.

Dr_Lex | 7 years ago

Need to crank up the volume so you can't hear people calling you a w⚓️.

Man of Lard | 7 years ago
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Or just buy a pair of bone-conducting headphones that won't be audible to anyone that passes.

Jharrison5 replied to Man of Lard | 7 years ago
Man of Lard wrote:

Or just buy a pair of bone-conducting headphones that won't be audible to anyone that passes.

Or just enjoy being outside, on your bike?

flathunt | 7 years ago

Can't be arsed digging up the picture again but close your eyes and imagine:



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