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UCI to 'assess' suggestion of Team Sky cover-up regarding Josh Edmondson's use of banned injections

Race doctor who treated Edmondson with Tramadol had previously worked for Team Sky

The UCI has launched an investigation into Josh Edmondson’s claims that Team Sky covered up his use of banned injections.

Earlier this week, Edmondson revealed that he injected himself with vitamins, in contravention of the UCI’s no-needles policy.

While this was said to have been done without Team Sky’s knowledge, he accused the team of a “cover-up” after it found out – something its former head of medicine, Dr Steve Peters, denies.

Edmondson said he had severe depression after using the controversial painkiller Tramadol, and Peters said that Team Sky did not report what had happened for fears that the young rider "could be pushed over the edge."

The Guardian reports that the UCI has now said that its Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation has contacted UK Anti-Doping regarding the matter.

In a statement, it said: “The Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation, independent entity in charge of anti-doping program and investigations for the UCI, is in touch with Ukad to assess the matter. No further comments will be provided at this stage.”

In a related development, the Daily Mail has reported that the doctor who administered Tramadol to Edmondson at the 2013 Tour of Britain was a former Team Sky employee.

The team has claimed in the past that its cyclists stopped using the drug in 2012. Edmondson was treated with it by race doctor, Andrew Meliak, who had worked for Team Sky on a freelance basis two years before. 

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earth | 7 years ago

In other news CEO for Team Sky's supplier of stationary had to take his dog to the vets and it was given a mild pain killer.

Looks like a witch hunt is in progress.

Stumps | 7 years ago

God, the press are really stretching themselves now with a link like this.

A Dr who once worked for Sky on a freelance basis but who later worked as the race Dr on the ToB gave him some tramadol whilst he was on the ToB.......obviously Sky are to blame for that as well. Mind you it is the Daily Fail. 

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