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Bristol cyclist finds burnt-out car and motorbike on cycle route – for the fourth time this month

Vehicles have been appearing despite barriers to stop cars

A Bristol cyclist says he has repeatedly come across burnt-out cars and motorbikes on National Cycle Route 4, where Farm Lane crosses the M49.

The Bristol Post reports that David Surowiec was riding back from a night shift at the Tesco Avonmouth distribution centre on Thursday when he happened across a burnt-out car and motorbike.

“It’s not the first time,” he said. “I usually go to work this way. Three times in the last month I’ve seen burned motorcycles on the same spot.

“It must be happening at night. When I go to work in the evening, everything is fine. I have no idea how they got the car onto the cycle path. There are barriers to stop cars and it’s blocked off with a skip.”

An online report published by a local vigilante group says the area is regularly used by a group of bike thieves who have been operating in north Bristol over the last year.

The Bristol Post has reported that the thieves have been posting pictures on an Instagram account called Bristolbiketaker.

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hawkinspeter | 6 years ago

Not sure if it's that particular "cycle" path in Avonmouth, but I very nearly got attacked by a swan going along it. To be fair, it was protecting its family, but they are surprisingly large birds. A pedestrian had been waiting there for 5 minutes or so trying to figure out how to get past it, so I thought a slow, deliberate, non-threatening roll past it was in order.

Yeah, Avonmouth is not the nicest of areas what with the bands of disaffected youths, the sewage farm, the plagues of insects and rats. Also, lots of broken glass on cycle paths and some very aggressive drivers on the roads.

Redvee | 6 years ago

I used to work in the same area and hated using Farm Lane as I could guarantee one snakebite puncture a week between DHL and the bridge cuase of the stones along there. Looking at recent buildings going up down there I assume the road surface is much better now. Didn't spot no burnt out cars or bikes and the only hazard I had one night were some loose horses.

Canyon48 | 6 years ago

Once again, welcome to Bristol everyone - the UK's cycling city and European Green Capital!

brooksby replied to Canyon48 | 6 years ago

wellsprop wrote:

Once again, welcome to Bristol everyone - the UK's cycling city and European Green Capital!

In all fairness the cycle path in question is in Avonmouth. So, basically, Old Detroit...

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