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Brilliant cycling deals in the Boardman DealCatcher Takeover

If you're after bargain 9/ rated road bikes, boardman's Autumn Saving sale has your name written all over it...

In case the weather wasn't enough of a giveaway for you, we can now officially say that autumn is with us. Which means we can start tucking in to all of the juicy autumn sales, starting with a sale from the good folk at Boardman.

So, if you're after a new set of wheels to see you into the autumn and winter, look no further.

We've got two stunning bargains on Boardman's fantastic Endurance Disc range, alongside a whole range of other offers on everything from cyclocross bikes to titanium framed all-rounders.

What are you waiting for? Get scrolling!


20% off Boardman's SLR Endurance Disc 9.0
WAS £1999.99 | NOW £1599.99

Boardman SLR_Endurance_Disc_9.0_Gallery_II.jpg

If you're looking for a slackened, gentle bike that'll see you gently and comfortably over miles of terrain, we're slightly sad to say that the Endurance Disc 9.0 probably isn't the bike for you.

Rather than create a gentle mile-muncher Boardman has released a monster that our man Stu Kerton says "blurs the lines between endurance and race."

So, if you're lookin for something with a bit of kick that'll also comfortable eat up some serious milage, this Shimano Ultegra groupset, hydraulic disc brakes, and SLR Elite Five wheel-carrying machine should suite you down to a tee.

It's also perfect for those of you looking for a winter driver. As the set-up is specifically designed for low-maintenance cleaning in the winter months.

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20% off Boardman's SLR Endurance Disc 9.2
WAS £2299.99 | NOW £1839.99

Boardman BI_SLR_ED_9.2_BOTY_Value_Gallery.jpg

In the previous section we talked about the race/endurance blurred line that the Boardman SLR Endurance range treads. 

Rather than muddying the waters further, the 9.2 simply straps an even better groupset and chain to an already fantastic cycling machine.

For the extra £239 youll get Shimano's Dura-Ace groupset with an excellent SLK carbon chainset.



10% off Boardman's Women's SLR Endurance Disc
WAS £2049.99 | NOW £1845.00

Boardman BI_SLR_ED_Womens_Drive.jpg

With a very similar set-up to the first bike on today's list, Boardman's Endurance Womens bike is very much more of what you've already heard.

The major difference is the slight geometric tweeks that Boardman says alter the "contact points for a more considered female fit."


10% off Boardman's SLR Endurance Disc Signature
WAS £5999.99 | NOW £5399.00

Boardman SLR_Endurance_Disc_Signature_Gallery.jpg

As we've worked our way through the Endurance Disc range in today's DealCatcher, it only  makes sense for us to finish this little exploration with a glance at the top rung of the ladder.

The Endurance Disc Signature carries some top bits of kit. Covered in Enve finishing kit, the bike carries Shimano's full Dura-Ace Di2 gropuset and Zipp's fantastic deep rim Firecrest 303 Carbon clinchers all weighing in at an extraordinary 7.85kg.


10% off Boardman's SLR Race 9.8
WAS £3099.99 | NOW £2789.00

Boardman BI_SLR_R_9.8_Drive.jpg

If you're actually in the market for a racer, rather than oggling Boardman's Endurance range for the aspects of the bikes that could be considered particularly racy, why not check out the brand's bespoke Race range?

The SLR Race 9.8 featured here carries SRAM's RED 22 incredibly light groupset, Boardman's own Elite Nine Carbon clincher wheels and a Prologo Zero 2 race saddle on Boardman's SLR Race C10 Carbon frame.

All in all, it weighs in a kilogram lighter than the Endurance Signature Disc above, at 6.9kg.


10% off Boardman's CXR 9.2
WAS £1999.99 | NOW £1799.00

Boradman BI_CXR_9.2_Drive.jpg

Moving away from the road-specific bikes and towards a more seasonably appropriate set.

Cyclocross season is about to kick off in a big way, and those of you still oohing and ahhing over whether or not you should pull the trigger on that cx bike purchase better start making your minds up.

To confuse your decision making process a little more, here's a great offer from Boardman.

The CXR 9.2 is a very close brother to the 9.4 which our man Stu Kerton reviewed earlier in September.

We'll go into a little more detail in the section below about that bike, but know that it rolled away with a 8/10 and praise over its incredible ability in technical situations.

The 9.2 carries Shimano's Ultegra groupset with an ultra stiff FSA Gossamer Pro chainset, for extra security over the bumpy terrain.

It's also got a pair of Boardman's exclusively cyclocross-orientated CXR Elite Five Disc wheels aboard the CX-specific CXR C10 Carbon Frame.


10% off Boardman's CXR 9.4
WAS £2299.99 | NOW £2069.00

Boardman BI_CXR_9.4_Drive.jpg

In a similar vein to the 9.2 above, but with a much more race focussed set-up, the CXR 9.4 is a truly wonderful cx bike.

Our man Stu Kerton thought that this SRAM Force CX1-carrying racer was "a blast in the technical sections." 

He also said that the bike had "quick handling," called it a "lightweight off-road rocket," and that it was "ready to race straight out of the box."

What more are you looking for in a cx racer?

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10% off Boardman's SLR Titanium 9.2
WAS £2999.99 | NOW £2699.00

Boardman BI_SLR_EDT_9.2_Drive.jpg

Our final bike of the day is Boardman's SLR Titanium 9.2.

This bike is probably a little closer to the endurance bike you might be looking for than the Endurance range above is.

The smooth handling accommodated by the titanium frame and the consistent braking of Shimano's hydraulic disc brakes, coupled with the reliable Ultegra groupset makes for an incredibly comfortable ride.

Perfect for long days in the saddle.

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