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Struggle to know when to refuel on a long ride? There's an app for that...

British firm is working with Team GB to boost medal hopes through nutrition

Have you ever struggled to time your eating on long rides, to avoid the dreaded bonk?

A new sports app made by a Nottingham tech firm alerts athletes to key refuelling points, whether in training or competition.

Endur8, which can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store and will soon be available on Google Play, supports sports including cycling, running, triathlons, swimming and kayaking.

CEO and co-founder Daniel Slight, 27, said he developed the idea as a way of avoiding stomach cramps and sickness.

He told the Nottingham Post: “Through kayaking I grew to recognise the importance of maintaining consistent energy levels.

“We’ve taken the latest science around carbohydrate intake during sport, tailored to each individual and course.

“People understand the importance of fuelling – they often have the “what” sorted – but we give the “when.

“The science has been peer reviewed and refined to be tailored to each individual athlete over every route.

“Through accurate fuelling in training and events, performance can be increased, PBs achieved and medals won,” he said.

He added: “We’ve had a lot of support in the market from very well-established event companies as well as market leaders within sports nutrition and university professors.

“We’re also working very closely with some of the athletes on Team GB.

“Being a direct solution to a recognised challenge that endurance athletes face, has given us a great advantage in setting endur8 in motion.

“The skill is perseverance and making sure the seatbelts are on.”

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