11 things we've learned this week

Here are 11 more things we've learned this week on two wheels.....

1. This probably isn't the best way to go about securing your pro cycling career...

 Watch as this pro rider plus team staff attack a Swiss team halfway through a Stage at the Tour of Hainan. In a statement, the CCA said that it “holds zero tolerance toward any uncivilized behaviour or violence and has asked all cycling teams, be they Chinese or international, to follow disciplinary rules." We can't imagine the outcome is going to be great for the rider in question...
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2. Whatever the outcome of the Jess Varnish vs British Cycling case, we hope for a speedy and sensible outcome

You were split on whether the decision by Jess Varnish to sue British Cycling will have positive effects. It's a polarising case, and one that could have far-reaching consequences whether she wins or not. 
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3. Worried about safety out on the roads? You probably should be if this survey is anything to go by...

A survey of 2000 motorists published that 54%  said cyclists riding side by side along country lanes is the most annoying thing about rural driving. The survey found that this entirely legal activity narrowly edged out drivers speeding dangerously (53 per cent) as the top annoyance, followed by dangerous overtaking (48 per cent). Deary me...
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4. Carbon gives you cancer

If they didn't have a reputation for being cycling-averse, we reckon a certain national news publication that leans to the right and is favourable to the odd cancer scare story would be all over this... apparently researchers at the Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit believe that certain carbon nanotubes (CNT) used in manufacturing could pose the same cancer risk as asbestos. 
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5. Accused of cheating? Easy, play the smoothie card!

A 60-year-old man who tested positive for three banned substances after a time trial in Staffordshire in May claimed that his smoothie had been ‘spiked’ by his wife with a batch of supplements in the lead-up to the race. Unfortunately for him the panel didn't accept this explanation and he has been banned for four years. Well we thought it seemed legit...
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6. A Women's UCI World Tour Team? All well and good, but get it done, Brian!

Brian Cookson, beaten by David Lappartient in September in his bid to secure a second term as president of the UCI, has outlined plans to set up a UCI Women’s WorldTour team. The 66-year-old, who said in a statement published on his website yesterday that he was “not quite ready to disappear altogether from the world of cycling” says preliminary discussions have been held with potential backers and partners of the team, which could start racing in the 2019 season.
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7. We don't want a Strava Heatmap if it puts heat on our pride and joy

"Just put Halfords Apollo in your equipment listing", suggested one of our commenters. That might be wise at the moment, and we hope Strava can reassure us that the Heatmap poses no security risks with more clarity soon...
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8. Zwift group workouts are fun!

Honestly, we mean it! We hosted our first live ride on Zwift using the Group Workout feature this week, and we were thrilled to see over 70 virtual road.cc jerseys taking over the platform. Stay tuned, we're hoping to do another one soon...
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9. Whatever happens to Oxford Street, we know it's not exactly fun to cycle down

You were split on the plans to pedestrianise, Oxford Street... but if there's one thing we know it's that without proper cycling provisions it's pretty much impossible to ride down anyway!
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10. Services to bacon? Surely the greatest accolade of them all 

A bacon sandwich-loving cyclist from Shropshire who posts reviews of his mid-ride snacks to Facebook has been recognised by a trade body for his Outstanding Services to Bacon. Steve Grice of the Newport Shropshire Cycling Club has posted dozens of reviews of bacon sandwiches from establishments around the Midlands on the social network.
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11. With no evidence and no way of proving it, calling Cancellara a cheat-by-motor will probably rage on for eternity

Ex-pro Phil Gaimon is the latest person to come out and accuse Fabian Cancellera of motor-doping: "That fucker probably did have a motor,” claimed the American in his new book. So was Cancellara actually Duracell-ara? We'll probably never know unless his mechanic, or Cancellara himself, fesses up; but we'll be keeping an eye to see if these accusations are backed up further...
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After cobbling together a few hundred quid during his student days off the back of a hard winter selling hats (long story), Jack bought his first road bike at the age of 20 and has been hooked ever since. He was Staff Writer at 220 Triathlon magazine for two years before joining road.cc in 2017, and reports on all things tech as well as editing the road.cc live blog. He is also the news editor of our electric-powered sister site eBikeTips. Jack's preferred events are time trials, sportives, triathlons and pogo sticking (the latter being another long story), and on Sunday afternoons he can often be found on an M5 service station indulging in his favourite post-race meal of 20 chicken nuggets, a sausage roll, caramel shortbread and a large strawberry milkshake. 

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