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Poseur Sport release new cycle trainer

If the overshoe fits…

It’s hard to get too excited about the cycling overshoe. 

Just there to do the simple job of keeping your feet a little bit aero, warm or dry, and oftentimes a mix of all three. The real Cinderella of the bike clothing world, if the glass slipper was in an oversized sock that is, it’s importance in keeping your tootsies toasty and happy on a ride often vastly under-rated and sadly neglected because it’s a long way from your head and isn’t very fancy.

Poseur Sport - Sidi Wire Air Covershoes.jpg

Traditionally they come in black, to not show so much the dirt and road spray that they’re constantly being showered with, and to match seamlessly with tights maybe. The white oversock breaks from this rule and can be a bit of a stylish highlight on the right feet, even if it’s nigh on impossible to maintain that box-fresh white gleam after that first Belgian Freckle ride and they rapidly degrade to the thousand-wash-grey in about three rides. Although things are changing and nowadays it’s pretty common to see an overshoe or oversock in a bright neon; handy for both matching the current wave in lurid bike colour detailing and rotating on-road visibility.

Sidi vanity overshoes.jpeg

There have been times, wonderful mind-bending times, when the standard conventions of the oversock have been breached and the world has never quite been the same. The first time came across this phenomenon was at Eurobike four years ago with what we called the Sidi Vanity Oversock, a thin coversock for your shoes that looked exactly like your shoes (if your shoes were Sidi Wires, or wanted them to be) that had very little warmth or waterproof benefit. They were pretty special, pushing the limits of Italian style to the very edge. Worryingly you can now buy these thin lycra overshoes to stop your Sidi Wire, Wire Air and Shot shoes getting dirty, so they’re popular somewhere.

Poseur Sport - Air Sagan Shoe Cover.jpg

But American cycling apparel designers Poseur Sport have really upped the overshoe ante with their Air Sagan Shoe Covers that are available for pre-order now. Riffing off the iconic Nike Air Jordan and giving it a cycling twist they’re a shoe cover of limited warmth and waterproofness, but they do turn your cycling shoe into a basketball trainer in an instant. If that sort of thing has been sartorially missing from your bike ride. Or you fancy shooting some hoops at the cake stop.

Poseur Sport - Air Sagan Pair.png

By the looks of things Poseur Sport are not afraid to be a little bit outré with their cycling kit designs, pillaging their influences from Bill And Ted, punk and Italian fashion houses amongst other things. It’s either refreshingly individual or terribly brash depending on your fashion tastes and the styling points of a cycling jersey can be a divisive discussion at the most polite of times, be that the finer design nuances or otherwise within Mapei kit of old or the wisdom of, for example, a Pink Floyd album cover stretched across a sweaty torso. But any of the Poseur Sport collection could certainly turn that rider that usually rocks up in the whacky comedy cycle-jersey into the positive wallflower.

Poseur Sport - WildStallyns.jpg

Slam dunk some cash on the Air Sagan Shoe Covers today and they should be with you in time for Christmas.

Poseur Sport

Jo Burt has spent the majority of his life riding bikes, drawing bikes and writing about bikes. When he's not scribbling pictures for the whole gamut of cycling media he writes words about them for and when he's not doing either of those he's pedaling. Then in whatever spare minutes there are in between he's agonizing over getting his socks, cycling cap and bar-tape to coordinate just so. And is quietly disappointed that yours don't He rides and races road bikes a bit, cyclo-cross bikes a lot and mountainbikes a fair bit too. Would rather be up a mountain.

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don simon fbpe | 6 years ago
don simon fbpe | 6 years ago



I've had the cleats attached directly to my feet, it's the five fingers of the cycling world meets body art nichetastic thing. I can then have the design of choice tattooed on my feet for that extra layer of awesome.

A quick wash down after the dirtiest ride sorts everything out.

BehindTheBikesheds | 6 years ago

I'll deliberately wear thick hiking socks rolled down whilst riding on the best bike just to annoy any fashion police nobbers.

A shoe oversock, I'll be bareback as always and sod the consequences.

peted76 | 6 years ago
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I'd say this could become 'a thing' just like #sockdoping is a thing (where really it's just wearing nice socks obvs).  

I'm calling #overshoedoping baggsies!



kil0ran | 6 years ago

Surely that's a monumental trademark infringement? Personally love a good oversock, like the Cordura ones Prendas sell.

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