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Absolutely Massive Black Friday Deals from Cycle Surgery

With savings as high as 82% on top clothing brands, locks, lights and track pumps, we think it's safe to say Black Friday is well and truly here!...

It's here. Black Friday week is upon us! And to kick things off Cycle Surgery has booked out Monday's Deal Clincher headliner spot!

And boy do the deal doctors over at the Surgery have some stonking deals for you lot! Even looking past the up-to 82% discount on Spokesman clothing, the sales are absolutely insane.

A clothing heavy first round of discounts for the week sees stellar sales on Vulpine kit, Primal kit, Maloja and 7Mesh jerseys, as well as Kryptonite locks and SKS pumps.

There's also a crazy sale going on on Cycle Surgery lights which you can find in full by following the link below!

> Check out: Cycle Surgery's Illuminating Light Deals

But now, let's get into the day's featured deals! 



75% off Spokesman's Long Sleeve Cross Jersey
WAS £100.00 | NOW £25.20

Spokesman Mens Long Sleeve Cross Jersey.jpg

Buy now for 75% off

First up we've got a quite astonishing collection of Spokesman deals.

The discounts being thrown around here are enormous even for Black Friday standards.

This first number from Spokesman is perfect for colder days like the ones we're getting at the moment.

Featuring water resistant ultra-desnse polyester fabric, a YKK D-Ring zips for easy gloved acccess, and reflective detailings, the jersey's quality for an insanely cheap price.


82% off Spokesman's Attack Jersey
WAS £90.00 | NOW £16.20

Spokesman Mens Attack Jersey.jpg

Buy now for 82% off

The same goes for the Attack Jersey here. A £90 jersey for £16 is just unheard of.

We doubt the offer will be around for long, so, if you're looking for something a little more performance oriented rather than weather protective, this is your jersey.

Breathable cuff features and mesh sides make it perfect for those of you who often feel a little too hot in the saddle.


78% off Spokesman's Pac Jacket
WAS £140.00 | NOW £30.24

Spokesman Mens Pac Jacket.jpg

Buy now for 78% off

Striking that balance between performance and protection is Spokesman's Pac Jacket.

The jacket's ultra-lightweight 2-way stretch fabric provides complete protection from the elements and with reflective piping covering the garment, it'll also provide you with protection from other road users.


82% off Vulpine's Harrington Women's Rain Jacket
WAS £195.00 | NOW £35.10

Vulpine Womens Harrington Rain Jacket.jpg

Buy now for 82% off

Those of you who find yourself cycling on a daily basis between shops or to your very local place of work might benefit from a couple more on-off bike bits of clothing.

Vulpine's Harrington jacket looks just as good while you're on the bike as it does when you're wandering around town.

It's technical enough to provide you with all the benefits you'd look for in a cycling jacket too.

Water, wind, and stain resistant, the jersey is also super breathable and features reflective detailing.


82% off Primal's Women's Cabernet LS Jersey
WAS £60.00 | NOW £10.80

Primal Jersey.jpg

Buy now for 82% off

Primal's Cabernet LS jersey is specifically designed to keep you warm in low temperatures.

The Sefro fabric is the double weight champion of the cycling world, according to primal. Specifically designed for warmth and breathability in temperatures at the lower end of the spectrum, it's versatile and comfortable.


82% off Maloja's Mickeym Jersey
WAS £65.00 | NOW £11.70

Maloja Mickjem.jpg

Buy now for 82% off

While we're on the floral jersey theme, Maloja's Mickeym jersey is designed for slightly milder conditions; which, if we're honest, we're bound to experience over the coming months in almost as much frequency as we experience super cold conditions.

Featuring a polygiene finish, which'll keep your jersey smelling as fresh as the flowers printed on it, the jersey also features a stand-up collar and silicone gripper hems to keep you comfortable.


73% off 7Mesh's Corsa Softshell Jersey
WAS £170.00 | NOW £45.72

7Mesh Mens Corsa Jersey.jpg

Buy now for 73% off 

We've featured 7Mesh items a number of times here on, and we've always liked them a lot.

Sure, we've occasionally had a problem with their price tags, but at £45 this 7Mesh jersey is an absolute steal.

Stocked full of technical features, this is a premium elite jersey for an entry level price.



59% off SKS's Airworx Plus 10.0 Floor Pump
WAS £69.99 | NOW £29.00

SKS Airworx Pump.jpg

Buy now for 59% off

SKS's Airworx Plus pump is 10% larger than the brand's standard pump. This allows you to pump 10% more air into your tyres per pump.

That may not sound like a lot, but the extra size makes a maximum pressure of 144psi possible, and makes each pump far more comfortable and easy to deliver.



53% off Kryptonite's Series 2 U-Lock
WAS £40.00 | NOW £19.00

Kryptonite Lock.jpg

Buy now for 53% off

Finally, Kryptonite's Series 2 is a top quality lock at an entry level lock price.

Coming with a KryptoFlexa cable, anti-rattle coating, and numerous gold-standard safety features, this is a steal.

Well... it's obviously not a steal. It's too safe for that.



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