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Half of UK cyclists say they’ve been victims of road rage (+ infographic)

Almost a third say they experience it regularly

A recent survey of UK cyclists has revealed that 56 per cent have been victims of road rage, while 30 per cent say that they’re on the receiving end on a regular basis.

Merlin Cycles spoke to 1,000 cyclists about the issue. When asked what they believed the causes of road rage to be, half of respondents said simply that drivers have no patience.

Another 28 per cent believe drivers have a sense of entitlement because cyclists don’t pay ‘road tax’ (even though the proceeds of vehicle excise duty go into the general Treasury fund and despite a 2010 study that found that the people who cycle the most are likely to own at least two cars.)

22 per cent think drivers don't understand what cyclists can and can’t do on the road. (Putting those numbers together, we’re not sure the survey gave respondents a fourth option.)

Road rage on the rise according to cyclists

John Moss, Managing Director at Merlin Cycles said:

“All road users should be treated with equal respect to encouraging harmony on our roads. Before allowing a situation to develop, cyclists and drivers should take a deep breath before reacting. Mutual respect on the roads is key to safety.

“By learning to understand each other, cyclists and drivers can both have a pleasant journey without creating more tension on the road. Threatening behaviour is not something that anyone should have to deal with. Keep cycling, keep safe and report any criminal or threatening behaviour to the police.”

There’s also an infographic…


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