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The Red Bull Million Mile Commute launches today on Strava

The Red Bull Million Mile Commute is a go! Get logging your miles and winning some prizes

It's the 1st July... and for all of you who have signed up for Red Bull's Million Mile Commute, it's time to get logging those miles!  

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There's a bit of a twist this year, as the target time to reach one million collective miles has been slashed from three months to just a month. Even more reason to get everyone on board, because there's a long old way to go. If you're all signed up then well done, that's phase one complete! Be sure to have a compatible GPS device to sync your data (handy guide to the best models here) or log your commute/ride with the Strava app. 

If you're late to the party then you're in luck... you can sign up at any time over the next month (link here) and can retrospectively tag your activities from July 1. Best to do it ASAP though to avoid having to trawl back through your previous rides! You also need to join Red Bull's Strava Club to get your miles logged as part of the challenge, and be sure to join's Strava club where you'll see all our activities going up and messages of encouragement from the team throughout the month.   

If you're still catching the bus or driving to work then there's no better time to ditch the traffic jams and sign up, because there are loads of prizes to be won too... for starters you can get a free month of Strava Premium just by buying a can of Red Bull, so you can analyse all the hardcore data from your commutes and get live Strava feedback to keep you motivated. When the challenge begins on the 1st you'll have to log that first mile fast, because the first 2,500 to log it will receive a Red Bull sample pack! Everyone taking part will get something special when the 100K, 500K and (hopefully) the million mile markers are reached, and reaching individual milestones will enter you into prize draws... reach 10 miles and you're in the draw for some limited edition Strava socks, reach 250 and you could win a brand spanking new Marin Fairfax SC3 courtesy of Cycle Surgery if you're really lucky. 

Can we smash the million mile mark? That's up to us, but with Red Bull Strava Club is now approaching 35,000 members there's every chance we can pedal towards the finish line!

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