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Two thirds of drivers are surprised when a cyclist ‘appears from nowhere’

‘Failure to look’ is the most commonly cited factor in road crashes

Two-thirds of drivers say they are often surprised when a cyclist ‘appears from nowhere’, according to research carried out by the AA Charitable Trust. This compares to just over half of drivers questioned five years ago when the organisation’s ‘Think Bikes’ campaign was launched via the video above.

‘Failure to look’ is the most commonly cited factor in road crashes, contributing to 39 per cent of injury crashes in 2017.

Edmund King, director of the AA Charitable Trust, said: “For five years Think Bikes has been reminding drivers of the importance to do a double-take for those on two wheels. Our new research shows there is still some way to go in terms of ensuring everyone on the road looks out for each other.”

Other findings from the survey, which questioned 20,788 people, were that drivers over 65 were the most likely to say cyclists were inconsiderate (69%), while drivers aged 18-to-24 were the least likely to say cyclists were inconsiderate (57%).

The vast majority of drivers agreed that cyclists (95%) and motorcyclists (93%) are vulnerable and always give them space.

“On the roads it should never be a case of drivers versus cyclists or motorcyclists,” said King. “Everyone is on the road to get somewhere and by looking out for each other we can ensure we do so safely.

“It is disappointing that two-thirds of drivers feel cyclists are inconsiderate and this shows that more needs to be done by drivers and cyclists to co-exist safely and peacefully. The irony is that most cyclists are drivers and many drivers are cyclists.”

The original Think Bikes campaign encouraged drivers to place small stickers on their wing mirrors to remind them to look out for those on two wheels.

The idea came from Tony Rich, a former AA Patrol of the Year, after his friend, Jack Bellis, was killed in a motorcycle crash.

Rich said: “The ‘Think Bikes’ campaign helps reinforce awareness that the road is a shared space. Bikes and motorbikes don’t just appear out of nowhere – we need to look out for each other.”

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