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Artist's customised shoes for Bradley Wiggins & David Millar

That James Straffon again; now turning his eye to famous cyclists' footwear...

We've seen the work of artist James Straffon on here before; last time it was his collage theme based on the less than conventional private life of French cycling legend Jacques Anquetil and we've seen him exhibiting with Condor Cycles and at Paul Smith's boutique. This time he has painted shoes donated by Bradley Wiggins and David Millar, it's preparation for a show the artist is working on for the summer.

It seemed an interesting happenstance that the day after Adam Blythe's one-off Nike race shoes were snapped at Saturday's Strade Bianche race in Italy, setting off an internet flurry of love and disapproval, the artist James Straffon should fire in photos of his latest work-in-progress but that's the way things work out happily sometimes.

Straffon has form for painting cycling shoes but never before the footwear of famous cyclists. Here we have the Bonts of Bradley Wiggins, painted in a design called 'MODifications' and Davis Millar's Fiziks here titled 'Dave the Brave.' The date 1962 date referred to on Brad's pair reflects the year Tom Simpson first pulled on the Maillot Jaune, becoming the first Brit to do so.

No word yet on details for the artist's summer show for which these shoes are part of the preparation but hopefully by the time they're shown there will be further good news on British success at the Tour de France.



'MODifications' by James Straffon: artwork based on shoes donated by Bradley Wiggins


'Dave the Brave' by James Straffon: artwork based on shoes donated by David Millar


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