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Scott new aero road helmet Milan-San Remo sneak peek

New aero road helmet makes low-key debut with Orica GreenEdge at last weekend's big race

Along with Specialized, Scott used Milan-San Remo to whip the covers off their brand new aero road helmet. Details are still few and very far between on this new lid, in fact all we have are a few frames of it on Baden Cooke's head in this video interview with the Orica GreenEdge’s rider - it's so secret even Scott UK have no details at the moment (or if they do they're not saying) even so there's on show to see that this is something a bit different…

There’s just three slits in the front to provide ventilation, with several exhaust vent ports around the back. So view vents and a shape apparently designed in the wind tunnel would clearly have been an advantage on such a cold day, it has to be said. Some of the team were still using the Vanish Evo, the regular vented go-to helmet.

Last year's new Split TT helmet

Like Specialized, Scott also launched a new aero time trial helmet last year. The Split is designed for racing against the clock with an aerodynamic shape and the now popular short tail. Like Giro’s Air Attack it has an integrated visor that can be removed. We can speculate that lessons learned in the wind tunnel from the Split have clearly been used to pen the design for this latest helmet, designed for road racing. The new aero road helmet has a taller rear section with quite a vertical cut shape.

Here's the video. Fast forward to 2:30 to see Baden Cooke being interviewed wearing the new helmet.

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