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Viral video déjà vu as taxi driver doesn't wait for child cycling near school; Your N+1 tales — is there one bike to do it all?; Tadej Pogačar — the off-season rapper; How to carry pizza by bike + more on the live blog

Happy Friday! It's a chilly December morning so stay inside by the live blog fire... Dan Alexander is chopping up wood as we speak.....
02 December 2022, 11:37
Viral video déjà vu as taxi driver doesn't wait for child cycling near school

We've been here before...

Viral video debated on Jeremy Vine show (screenshot Twitter video/ @azb2019)

> Viral video of driver refusing to stop for five-year-old cyclist debated on Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 show

Different father, different child, different driver, different road, but strikingly similar footage...

One difference, as heard in the video, is that this road is — our Google Maps digging suggests, Leahurst Road in Lewisham — a school street which should not be accessed by motorists without a permit during school drop-off and pick-up times.

The idea being that banning drivers reduces pollution, encourages active travel and makes the school gates and surrounding area a generally more pleasant and less dangerous place.

As per Lewisham Council this site is ANPR camera enforced, so this cabbie may well have just landed a ticket for their troubles, and should not be driven along (without a permit) between the hours of 8.15-9.15am and 2.45-3.45pm.

And while "residents who live within the zone, emergency services, buses and those who have been granted an exemption permit are permitted to enter"... Lewisham Council says nothing about private hire vehicles...unless the passenger "holds a Blue Badge as either a parent/carer or your child holds a Blue Badge and attends the school" or it is a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Transport vehicle. 

If your déjà vu's yet to lift and your brain remains fogged you might remember this same site from ANOTHER recent live blog video...

Driver mounts pavement and chastises child for riding on same footpath (Greg N, Twitter)

> Driver – in untaxed car with expired MOT – mounts pavement on wrong side of the road… then chastises six-year-old for cycling on same footpath

I need a lie down after all of that.

02 December 2022, 17:26
Blast from the past...

With this vid doing the rounds on social media again it's probably worth linking you the full thing courtesy of... the June 2021 live blog... you're welcome!

02 December 2022, 16:41
Herne Hill Velodrome receives $200,000 from Rapha Foundation
Herne Hill Velodrome (Rapha press release)

Herne Hill Velodrome in south London will receive a $200,000 grant from the Rapha Foundation to increase the availbaility of its off-road facilities, including the employment of an off-road development officer.

Tim McInnes, chair of Herne Hill Velodrome Trust said: "Herne Hill Velodrome is delighted to receive this grant from the Rapha Foundation. It complements the Foundation's first award made to us in 2019, and it will allow us to extend our cycling development activity in exciting ways including into off-road riding for the first time."

The Rapha Foundation, founded in 2019, funds more than 20 organisations around the world committed to inspiring the next generation of riders and racers from under-represented communities, and invests $1.5 million per year in grassroots activities.

02 December 2022, 16:18
Comment of the day
Comment of the day live blog


02 December 2022, 15:23
If the World Cup was pro cycling: Poland vs France & USA vs Netherlands

Forgive me for failing to find any Procyclingstats evidence of a Uruguayan pro battling a Ghanaian up an epic climb, a Portuguese TT specialist cutting through the wind faster than a South Korean, a Brazilian sprinter pipping a Cameroonian rival or a Serbian domestique leading out his Swiss teammate...

With tomorrow marking the start of the knockout stage, however, we have fresh ammunition for the weekend ahead: USA vs Netherlands and Poland vs France — and boy do we have some classics...

In fact quite a few of Michał Kwiatkowski's biggest wins have come at the expense of the French... this year's Amstel Gold...

World Cup pro cycling (procyclingstats)

San Sebastián in 2017...

World Cup pro cycling (procyclingstats)

And as for United States against the Netherlands? It could only be Sepp Kuss and his band of Dutch friends...

World Cup pro cycling (procyclingstats)

But what's that? Even better... a last-minute entrant... the women's elite TT at the Yorkshire worlds...

World Cup pro cycling (procyclingstats)

You heard it here first: 2-2 AET. Penalties to follow...

02 December 2022, 14:43
Nice Nice
02 December 2022, 14:21
"She is one incredible human being": Laura Kenny hails fellow track star Katie Archibald
Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald win Madison gold in Tokyo (Copyright Alex Broadway,

Laura Kenny has given a glowing tribute to Katie Archibald, saying it is "incredible" how her fellow track star has maintained sporting success despite personal grief. Speaking to the BBC ahead of this weekend's UCI Track Champions League in London, Kenny said Archibald is "one incredible human being".

Back in August Archibald revealed she had attempted to save her partner Rab Wardell's life after the Scottish mountain biker suffered a cardiac arrest. Since then she was part of the Great Britain squad that won World Championship team pursuit silver and has achieved success in the Champions League, sitting one point behind American Jennifer Valente in the women's endurance standings.

> "It's quite painful to say": Katie Archibald thanks fans for support since death of partner Rab Wardell

"If I lost Jase [husband Sir Jason Kenny] or my somebody, I don't know how I would carry on," Kenny said. "I know she says cycling is her carrying on, but if that happened to me I don't know how I would get a leg over a bike, let alone be able to perform at the level she's performing at.

"It's like when I said that bike racing is a happy space, but still, to be able to commit to it, to train that hard and put yourself through that much pain to be going so well, I think she is phenomenal, I really do. I don't think I could do that after everything she's gone through."

02 December 2022, 13:27
The best turbo trainers for 2023

02 December 2022, 12:17 is now on Mastodon!

Give us a follow! @roadcc [at]

02 December 2022, 10:35
If British Cycling designed cycle lanes...


02 December 2022, 08:59
Your N+1 tales — is there one bike to do it all?

Yesterday, tech editor Mat took a look at Ridley's new Grifn all-road bike — that's a fast, comfortable road bike with 38mm tyre clearance for off-roading — and asked if it could put an end to N+1?

2023 Ridley Grifn Shimano GRX - 1 (1)

> Does Ridley’s new Grifn all-road bike really put an end to N+1?

So, here's what you said... 

Miller: "This looks great. At the start of the year I built a bike of similar concept for myself and I've loved riding it.

Reader bike (Miller)

"It has 40mm tyre clearance so I've been able to swap in knobbly tyres for gravel events although I've mainly run 34mm Pro One road rubber. I think the one bike concept is valid especially with a second pair of wheels. That said... I have more than one bike. Well why wouldn't you?!" 

kil0ran: "Nope, the Domane did that a couple of years ago. And it's more versatile than this in terms of tyre clearance."

IanMSpencer: "The trouble is you end up with N+2 wheels as you want different tyres on different days."

OnYerBike: "If it puts an end to N+1, why are Ridley still selling no fewer than 15 other models?" 

Remember, it only puts an end to N+1 if you want it to...

02 December 2022, 10:01
What internal downtube storage was designed for...
02 December 2022, 09:38
Tadej Pogačar — the off-season rapper

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