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Near Miss of the Day 549: Cyclist nearly taken out by speeding driver desperate to overtake (video includes swearing)

Our regular series featuring close passes from around the country - today it's Southwest London ...


A cyclist launches into a string of expletives after he is nearly knocked down from behind by a speeding driver desperate to overtake him before he makes a right hand turn. The strong language is perhaps understandable seeing as the rider was just centimetres away from being wiped out.

Today's near miss video was submitted by reader Rendel Harris and shows him riding along Malden Road in Worcester Park, London with his wife. 

Mr Harris explained what happened next and apologised for his choice of words but said "nearly being killed brought out some of my more robust expressions".

He said: "As I was riding along Malden Road, I prepared to move out in order to be ready for the upcoming right hand turn into Motspur Park Road.

"As can be clearly seen on the video from my shadow on the road, I made three separate head checks to ensure there was sufficient safe space for me to move out, and made a very clear hand signal.

"At this point my wife, who was approximately 50m behind me, seeing me signal, checked behind her to see if it was safe for her to start moving out as well.

"At this point the blue Peugeot was behind her; as soon as I started to move he floored the accelerator and swerved past me well in excess of the legal speed limit, missing me by a maximum of 20cm, probably much less.

"He also clearly put the oncoming car in danger as well. Sheer stupidity and spite.

"Apologies for the language, it turns out that being nearly killed brings out some of my more robust expressions."

Mr Harris said he reported the incident to the Metropolitan Police the same day and received a prompt reply saying the driver was being sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

However, when he tried to follow up on the outcome this month he said he was told 'no further details will be provided whether the case is active or not'.

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Over the years has reported on literally hundreds of close passes and near misses involving badly driven vehicles from every corner of the country – so many, in fact, that we’ve decided to turn the phenomenon into a regular feature on the site. One day hopefully we will run out of close passes and near misses to report on, but until that happy day arrives, Near Miss of the Day will keep rolling on.

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