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Cyclists urged to reclaim bikes left at Bristol Temple Meads ahead of “annual cull”

Network Rail says any abandoned bikes will be donated to charity as part of its bid to ensure adequate cycle storage at the station

Have you left a bike at Bristol Temple Meads railway station over the winter? If so, it would probably be best to pick it up during the next few weeks. Network Rail has urged cyclists who have parked bikes at the station for an extended period to reclaim them before they are removed as part of an annual cull.

To ensure there is enough cycle storage space for passengers using the station, every year staff remove abandoned bikes from the racks at Temple Meads. According to the station’s guidance, bicycles and locks should only be left in the designated bike racks for a maximum of seven days.

Notices have been placed on all bikes at the front of the station and in the Friary bike park, advising owners that any bikes found with the tags still attached on 11 February will be cut free from the racks and placed into storage.

Any cyclist whose bike is placed into storage has until 20 March to reclaim it from the station. After that date all unclaimed bikes will be donated to charity. Network Rail has encouraged anyone who has concerns about the scheme to speak to staff at the station as soon as possible.

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“Network Rail want to provide the best possible experience for passengers using the station and that means ensuring all of our bike spaces are available and not taken up by abandoned bikes, or those stored here for extended periods,” said Network Rail’s station manager Andy Phillips.

“Our station team will start to remove the long-abandoned bikes with notices still attached from Friday 11 February, so I encourage anyone that has left their bike at Bristol Temple Meads to pick it up before that date.”

Officers from the British Transport Police will also be at Bristol Temple Meads this afternoon to provide free bike security marking, while offering advice on cycle storage and secure locking.

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