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Broken bikes, riding the wrong way, and losing track of time: The final finisher from the 2023 Transcontinental Race recounts her epic ride across Europe

Ryan catches up with the intrepid and indefatigable Han Lu, who has many a story to tell from her month-long Transcontinental adventure

If you've ever felt like quitting something, we've got just the podcast episode for you... Han Lu only started riding a bike just over a decade ago, and is now a Transcontinental Race finisher after battling on for an entire month to complete the epic 4,000km course from Belgium to Greece between July and August this year. 


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Entering the Transcontinental via the Mike Hall Bursary scheme, Han was admittedly something of a novice compared to some of the more seasoned ultra racers on the startline, but shown incredible resilience to finish when many others would have 'scratched'.

From preparing for the race, to getting on that start line, dealing with exhaustion and mechanical mishaps and finishing her incredible journey, find out what it's like to test yourself day and night for such a duration, and whether Han thought it was all worth it (spoiler: it was totally worth it!)

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