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Near Miss of the Day 863: Motorcyclist zooms into cycle lane from the wrong side and forces cyclist on the road

"I've seen a few motorbikes in the cycle lane, but this one just shot into it towards me from the other side of the road"...

Cyclists don't get many cycle lanes; when they do, we've seen a number of road users, from bus to car drivers to Amazon employees all try and stake a claim on them. A motorcyclist from Birmingham is the latest to feature on our Near Miss series who wanted to try out the cycle lane in Selly Oak, entering it at a dangerously high speed from the wrong side and almost hitting a cyclist.

Joe was riding in the cycle lane on Bristol Road at 5pm in the evening on May 3, when a man with a black helmet and a black jacket on a black motorbike with no licence plate decided to jump the traffic and come across on the other side of the road into the cycle lane.

"I've seen a few motorbikes in the cycle lane, The traffic is quite bad in the area, so quite frequently instead of waiting, people would come across the opposite side," Joe told "But this one just shot into it towards me from the other side of the road."

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Joe added that there was no report it to the police due to the lack of a number plate on the bike. Although, even he could, he said that he wouldn't hold out much hope from the West Midlands Police after seeing the FOI request that we reported on, revealing that 213 reports of careless or dangerous driving around cyclists last year resulted in no further action being taken by the force.

"Previously I've submitted footage to them that have resulted in me having to go to court appearances, so I've always spoken positively about the police. But recently, I sent in a few submissions and didn't hear back from them. That's when I was getting a bit suspicious and then I saw the Freedom of Information report," he said.

> 286 close pass submissions to West Midlands Police resulted in one prosecution, FOI request reveals

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Over the years has reported on literally hundreds of close passes and near misses involving badly driven vehicles from every corner of the country – so many, in fact, that we’ve decided to turn the phenomenon into a regular feature on the site. One day hopefully we will run out of close passes and near misses to report on, but until that happy day arrives, Near Miss of the Day will keep rolling on.

If you’ve caught on camera a close encounter of the uncomfortable kind with another road user that you’d like to share with the wider cycling community please send it to us at info [at] or send us a message via the Facebook page.

If the video is on YouTube, please send us a link, if not we can add any footage you supply to our YouTube channel as an unlisted video (so it won't show up on searches).

Please also let us know whether you contacted the police and if so what their reaction was, as well as the reaction of the vehicle operator if it was a bus, lorry or van with company markings etc.

> What to do if you capture a near miss or close pass (or worse) on camera while cycling

Adwitiya joined in 2023 as a news writer after graduating with a masters in journalism from Cardiff University. His dissertation focused on active travel, which soon threw him into the deep end of covering everything related to the two-wheeled tool, and now cycling is as big a part of his life as guitars and football. He has previously covered local and national politics for Voice Wales, and also likes to writes about science, tech and the environment, if he can find the time. Living right next to the Taff trail in the Welsh capital, you can find him trying to tackle the brutal climbs in the valleys.

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Dbloke | 11 months ago

Its not a motorcyclist, its a twat on a bike, the diffrence is one cares for the rules of the road, one is a twat

ktache replied to Dbloke | 11 months ago

Sorry mate, the moment they climbed on it they became a motorcyclist.

The same arguement has been made on here denouncing scroflaw cyclists to separate them from the law abiding ones, didn't wash then.

And seeing that 85% (90% at weekends) of motorists break 20 mph speed limits, the term driver still applies, I'm sure there are bikers in there too...

brooksby replied to ktache | 11 months ago

"No true Scotsman" fallacy, IIRC.

Adam Sutton | 11 months ago

The issue we have here regarding motorbikes are the Uber eats/deliveroo riders. They regularly mount the pavement by a school to cut through a no entry barrier, the concern is it gets cut off completely in some way, as it is open to bicycles and is a traffic free cut through to the train station.

As well as this when driving yesterday one rode the pavement to exit onto the road from Maccy D's via a pedestrian crossing rather than ride the extra short distance on the road to exit legally.

onlinejones | 11 months ago
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These riders tend to come out a lot more as the weather improves, though I haven't seen them as much round Stirchley. More Acock's Green into Highgate, and I've seen quadbikers doing wheelies up the Lea Bank Middleway. Here's a link to a video one I picked up in Acock's Green, for your entertainment.

A Wheelie for the Camera?

p.s. Think yourself lucky it wasn't a quad bike doing a wheelie!

ubercurmudgeon | 11 months ago

There's really nothing to add to this that wasn't already said on the video's audio track. "Fucking tosser" pretty much sums it up perfectly.

eburtthebike | 11 months ago

I would have thought it was worth sending a report to the police, as it is extremely likely that the motorcyclist has been involved in other dangerous, illegal actions, so it would help building a case when they are eventually caught.

Sriracha | 11 months ago

Legion cars with obscured or ostentatiously absent number plates. Of course the police would have nothing to go on if you had reason to submit a video involving one - quite understandable. What I don't understand is why they do f-all about them in the first place - just crush them already! They're not exactly difficult to detect.

wtjs replied to Sriracha | 11 months ago

Legion cars with obscured or ostentatiously absent number plates

Don't get this one? I agree that most BMW drivers are guilty of something most of the time, but this one seems legit. However, owing to Lancashire Constabulary and DVLA idleness, offenders are 10-a-penny up here: SC10 NXL

Nagai74 replied to wtjs | 11 months ago

It looks like a '3-D' plate, which is illegal. It also looks like it's got one of the dark tints on it. I'm assuming that they're supposed to not be visible to speed cameras?

Sriracha replied to wtjs | 11 months ago

The plate is on a smoked background, non-reflective too. It's only purpose is to be difficult to read.

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