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2021 Canyon Aeroad spotted at the Tour de France. Surely Canyon has to release it soon?

Warren Barguil of Arkea Samsic is riding the bike that features deeper tubes and a fully integrated front end

A little like a magician with the old rabbit out of a hat trick, the long-awaited update to the Canyon Aeroad has appeared before and then vanished, with Canyon acting like the world had collectively dreamt it. Well, now they’ve pulled it out of the hat again and given it to French rider Warren Barguil to help him get around France.

Late last year, Dutch cycling superstar Mathieu van der Poel was spotted riding what we all presumed would be the 2020 update of the Canyon Aeroad. We were fully expecting Van der Poel to ride it at the World Championship road race, but come race day, he was back on the old model. After that, we simply heard nothing from Canyon, despite the new frame and fork being registered on the UCI’s list of approved frames.

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The bike spotted under Barguil looks to be much the same as the one we saw last year. Canyon seems to be sticking with a deeper seat tube and seat post design, along with a redesigned head tube that looks to feature a flat trailing edge.

2021 Canyon Aeroad Tour de France via ARKEA SAMSIC

The original Aeroad was very progressive when it was first launched, taking up to a 28mm tyre. From what we can see in the pictures, Canyon seems to have increased clearance in line with the likes of Specialized whose aero race bikes can take 32mm tyres.

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One of the most obvious changes, as you can see in the picture above, is the move to a fully integrated front end with no cables exposed to the wind. We're expecting the 2021 Aeroad to come with quite a few aero claims.

The bike’s weight may also have been improved. Warren Barguil is very much a climber, yet he was using the new frame, albeit with Shimano’s slightly shallower Dura-Ace C40 tubular disc wheels, for the tough opening stage of the Tour de France.

Zwift Mathieu van der Poel

Pictures of the new bike are a little hard to come by, but we have already seen some shots of the new bike in a Zwift ad campaign. Purely for research, we’ll be watching the Tour every day to keep an eye on the new bike. No, honestly, we’re working…

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