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Tune launches disc brake safety covers - but are they really necessary?

Are safety covers the solution to rolling out disc brakes in the pro peloton?

German lightweight component specialist company Tune has developed a disc brake cover that it says solves the ongoing debate about the safety of disc brakes in the professional peloton. 

It has made a cover that fits easily to most disc-equipped bikes. It’s designed specifically for 160mm rotors, expected to be the standard adopted by the peloton, and flat mount. The photos show a prototype 3D printed sample, the final production version would be made out of carbon. 

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How do the covers fit on the bike?

Fitting the covers appears to be simply a matter of loosening the caliper bolts, sliding the cover into place between the brake adapter and mounting surface of the fork or frame, and cinching the bolts back up.  Special aluminium washers are supplied to ensure the covers are mounted correctly to allow the necessary bolt torque to be applied. 

Tune disc brake safety covers3.jpg

Tune says this means the covers not only improves safety but don’t compromise easy wheel changes. 

“It increases the safety by covering the sharp edges of the brake rotor while maintaining the ability to swap wheels without disassembling the cover, making it useable in race situations for pro athletes and amateur racers alike,” says the company. 

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Won’t the covers cause heat buildup?

Not so, reckons Tune. It has placed holes in strategic places to ensure airflow can ensure the brakes don’t overheat. As an added benefit, and we’d love to see some wind-tunnel testing to back this up, Tune says the holes “improve cooling while maintaining aerodynamic performance.” So they won't slow you down.

Tune disc brake safety covers9.jpg

How about noise? Will they play a tune with all those holes?

Tune says the stability of the cover design avoids noises when riding, so there should be no whistling at higher speeds. You might have to endure some heckling from riding buddies though.

How much will they cost and when can I get them?

No word pricing at this stage and the company is saying availability will be sometime after the annual Eurobike show at the end of August.

Tune is still in the prototype phase - the photos show 3D printed sampled used to test the design, ensure they fit and work as desired. It’s said to be looking at developing the production covers out of carbon fibre, a given for a company renowned for its lightweight carbon fibre components.

Tune disc brake safety covers6.jpg

What do you think?

Are these covers the solution to the apparent safety debate about disc brakes being using in the professional peloton, or a complete waste of time? Let us know what you think below.

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