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Yerka ‘the unstealable bike’ now available to pre-order

The Yerka ‘unstealable bike’ is now available to pre-order, with the first bikes shipping out in September.

The innovative bike, which locks by removing the seatpost and slotting it through the downtube, is unable to be unlocked without rendering it unusable, as potential thieves would have to break either the seatpost or the downtube. The downtube itself has a collapsible point in the middle, and the two sides pop out at a 90 degree angle for the seatpost to slide into. You then lock and unlock it with a key, or even with Yerka’s app via your phone.

Yerka 'unstealable bike' sees funding on Indiegogo

yerka 1
The fixed gear bike comes with numerous different bright coloured rim options in addition to the unique locking system


Yerka say of the bike: “The main goal of this project was to produce the most secure bicycle system ever created without affecting the integrity of the frame itself,” says the company. “We realised that performance and comfort can be achieved together which is why the beauty of Yerka’s design is in its simplicity. By thinking out of the box we came up with a concept that merges everything into one sleek design.”

With the delivery date due for September, customers can start-pre-ordering now with a discounted price, with the single speed version available for 599 euros and a three speed for 699 euros. In addition to this Yerka have set up a referral program, whereby if you refer enough friends who follow up with a purchase you can get a bike for free. 

The Yerka project was successfully crowdfunded via Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter, in 2015. The campaign raised over $98,000 to put the bike into production, 35% more than their target. 

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kitsunegari | 6 years ago

And the people who want to see the world burn will simply break your bike, so when you return to your unstolen bike, you have to put it on your shoulder and lump it home anyway.

Grahamd replied to kitsunegari | 6 years ago

kitsunegari wrote:

And the people who want to see the world burn will simply break your bike, so when you return to your unstolen bike, you have to put it on your shoulder and lump it home anyway.

No, the thugs will hit the seat post with lumps of concrete until it breaks, or more worryingly hit it, give up, only for the seat post to fail as the rider sets off.

Man of Lard | 6 years ago

Well of course it's stealable. Whether it'll be usable after being stolen is another matter entirely - but someone might be after the scrap metal (or the wheels, or the pedals,...). Net result is that your bike won't be there - ie. stolen. Just won't be fenceable (resettable for viewers in Scotland) as a bike.

handlebarcam | 6 years ago


Yerka ‘the unstealable bike’

That's a titanic claim. 

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