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Sven Cycles announce modification service... so their bikes can fit inside a rucksack or briefcase

Dorset-based handmade bike brand Sven Cycles are proving it's not just Bromptons that are train and plane friendly with the announcement of their modification service...

 Any full-sized bike from the Sven Cycles range can now be modified with collapsible sections so it can be packed into one of their purpose-built briefcases or rucksacks. 

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Owners will just need one small tool to disassemble their bike, which can then be stowed away inside either of the travel solutions, both of which meet airline standards so you won't incur extra baggage charges. The weight of a Sven custom bike varies between 7.7kg and 11.3kg, all made with Reynolds steel tubing.  

Sven 1.jpg

The modification service means you can take one of Sven's full sized road bikes on your travels in a rucksack 


The bespoke service and hand-crafted bikes Sven Cycles offer obviously don't come cheap, and the modification to make your bike collapsible is an additional £600 on top of the price of a bike that will cost between £2,500 and £5,000. The bike briefcase is £400 and the rucksack comes in at £200. 


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maviczap | 7 years ago

It's a bit misleading to say it's brief case size, it's a large suitcase size. Just try fitting a 700c wheel into a briefcase.

My Buxum box Galibier case is 26 X 26 X10 inches 

You can get most steel frames converted using these S&S couplers, either new builds or old frames. Plenty of builders offer this service.

Some builders can fit them to Ti frames, but these Ti couplers are more expensive.

Even though it's not much bigger than a normal suitcase, mine still sent via the oversized baggage, but at no extra cost, unlike a normal bike box.

Also easier to take on Eurostar.

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