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Cycling App of the Week: What to Wear Cycling

This app gives handy recommendations for what attire you need to be comfortable on the bike depending on weather conditions and your personal preferences...

What is it? 

Tired of your other half commenting on your choice of attire all the time? If so then you probably don't need an app to join in on the act too, but for everyone else What to Wear Cycling is a useful tool that suggests what kit you need to take out according to accurate and up-to-date weather reports. Released in 2013, countless cyclists have took advantage of the app's weather data to find out the best combination of cycle clothing needed to be comfortable on the bike. You can personalise it to - the app allows you to input if you usually run hot or colder than the average person, so will recommend more or less layers depending on your preferences. 

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You don't have to be in the location you want to check the weather for, so you can also ask the app what to wear for a ride you're doing the next day, even if it's out of the country. It also works the other way around, in the sense that you can check what weather conditions are appropriate for certain items of clothing. You can input conditions manually if you don't have a wireless connection, and What to Wear will still come up with a recommended list of cycling attire based on what you've told it.  

What to Wear Cycling also allows you to notify your friends what the conditions are like and recommended clothing for your ride via the 'Tell the Peleton' option, which might be appreciated by less experienced riders who would otherwise turn up in shorts and no overshoes for a winter club pootle... 

What makes it unique?

There are many other weather apps of course, but the cycle specificity of this one is different to the norm and adds another level of practicality by suggesting how you should prepare for the conditions, not just reporting them back.  


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How can it help me?

Some might argue that it's stating the obvious and we can dress ourselves thank you very much - but for those who are out for a long ride and unsure about what the weather will throw at them later in the day, What to Wear Cycling cuts to the chase and lets you know what clobber you need to pack to avoid getting caught out. 

Where can I get it?

Unfortunately for Android users What to Wear Cycling is only available for iOS, costing $2.99 as a one-off payment. 




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