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Video: Technogym MyCycling Smart Trainer unboxed

We unbox and hop on the MyCycling smart trainer from Technogym, an advanced machine with an extensive companion app for an immersive home training experience...

​While there’s a good chance you’ve ran on one of their treadmills, lifted one of their weights or scaled a stair-climbing machine, Technogym are less prominent in the home cycle training category: but that could be about to change with this year's release of MyCycling, an advanced smart trainer with a bespoke and highly detailed app for a fully immersive home training experience. ​

The price tag is a whopping £1,590 - for that you could get a high-end smart trainer from a number of competitor brands and a capable entry-level road bike, so what does MyCycling offer for the extra cash? Technogym are making a lot of noise about their 'TNT' (Technogym Neuromuscular Training) system on the MyCycling app, that monitors your metrics and performance and providing highly detailed feedback to improve your training. The sessions are devised by expert including Ivan Basso, and Technogym even allow you to gain access to a pool of coaches via the app to give personal advice and tips for improvement. The device itself has a claimed power accuracy of +/-1%, can take a max output of 2100 watts and weighs 18kg. 

TechnoGym MYCYCLING indoor trainer.jpg

As shown in the video set up is nice and simple, with a Shimano/Sram-compatible cassette supplied and a button in the middle that flips open the legs. Just plug it in, detach your bike's back wheel, sling it over and you're away.

We'll be getting to grips with the MyCycling trainer and app in depth over the coming weeks: look out for a full review on soon. 



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