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Soma Fabrications launch the world's biggest water bottle that fits in a standard sized cage, with a 1.1 litre capacity

Able to hold over a litre of liquid and fitting in 98% of standard cages according to Soma, the new bottle is aimed at endurance riders who want to go further without having to refill...

US innovators Soma Fabrications have made what they claim is the largest water bottle made specifically for standard sized bike bottle cages. Described as ideal of bikepackers and endurance riders with a single set of bottle bosses who want to ride for longer without stopping to refill, the Further bottle has a capacity of 38 fluid ounces, or nearly 1,100ml. 

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At 30cm tall, the Further has graduated marks all the way up to help you get the right consistency if you are using hydration mixes, and is described as easy to grip and easy to squeeze thanks to the LDPE plastic construction. It's clear so you can see exactly how much liquid you still have left, and has been fully designed and made in the USA.

Soma say the Further is very slightly bigger than the average bike water bottle, but they insist it should fit in around 98% of standard bottle cages. To maximise capacity, they made the top part wider with compromising grip, which also reduced the height to ensure it will fit inside all frame sizes.  

soma_further_bottle top view1_2000

The Further bottle is the brainchild of Jon Severson, founder of the Monstercross News website, who teamed up with Soma to address the problem of running out of water on longer rides: "I listened to many other riders regarding hydration on long training rides, gravel rides, and bike packing. Their frustrations were very similar to my own: “Not enough water”; “I don’t want to leave my bike in front of a store to get more water”; “I'm not a fan of hydration packs."

"While there have been a couple half-hearted efforts into making a 33oz-ish size bottle, they had issues with leaking, or being too stiff, or both. They were also VERY hard to find on top of it all. So the decision was made, how big could we really go?

"After all is said and done, the Further 38oz is 170% bigger than a 22oz (650ml) water bottle and 152% bigger than a 25oz (740ml) water bottle. In an era where most advancements are saving grams over the last gen or increasing stiffness in a product that was already plenty stiff, I’d say we made a significant gain in an accessory that’s been overlooked for decades."

We're not sure on pricing or availability this side of the pond yet, but are currently checking with Soma to see if the bottle will be on sale in the UK through their distributor - the Soma Fabrications website is here if you want more info. 

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