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Are these 30g pedals the lightest ever made? AeroLite Alpha TT-Ceramic pedals are for the weightweenies

Details are a little scarce but we think they might be the lightest pedals in the world

A small American company, AeroLite has claimed that its Alpha TT-Ceramic pedals are the “lightest on the market” at just 30g per pedal.

Right then, Weightweenies, you’re going to want to listen up. AeroLite has a pedal that uses a titanium axle with ceramic bearings and drilled-out pedal bodies to create a pair of pedals that weigh a claimed 60g, or just 30g per pedal.

While we’ve seen some incredibly lightweight pedal designs over the years, we’re not sure that we’ve seen anything quite this light before.

Inside the pedals, AeroLite uses “Turcite for the bearing surfaces of its pedals. Turcite is used wherever a clean, maintenance-free, long-wearing bearing surface is required. It requires no lubrication and works well when wet.”

The cleats that come with the pedals are “aerodynamic” and slide onto the pedal body towards the crank.

Those cleats are made using Dupont Zytel ST Nylon. This is “injection moulded into a form that creates the spring tension that grips the pedal. This ultralight material is sufficiently durable that the AeroLite clips need be replaced only every two to three years”

AeroLite says that it uses a “Physical Vapor Deposit (PVD) to reduce the friction” of the pedals. AeroLite goes on to explain that “the PVD is applied to the pedal spindle in a vacuum kiln at 800° F. The PVD gives our pedals a surface that is 40X harder and smoother than polishing.”

Stupidly lightweight pedals are nothing new in the bike world and we are occasionally treated to the latest ‘world’s lightest pedal’. Back in 2012 American company, Ultralite launched a pedal at weighed an impressive 72g.

The AeroLite Pedals are made in the Spokane Valley Washington, USA and they could be a little tricky to get hold of if you are outside of the States. That said, if you fancy a set, they’re $369USD.

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