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Bike at bedtime: check out the speedy Ridley Noah Fast Disc

Tonight we take a look at Lotto Soudal’s aero racing machine, with unique F-Wings at the bottom of the fork for reducing turbulent airflow…

The Noah Fast Disc is Ridley’s top-level aero racing bike that’s been designed and developed using its own wind tunnel. The Belgian brand has optimised the well-known NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) profile for each tube, and has also built in more comfort.

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Ridley Noah Fast Disc 9

“Originally developed as the ultimate sprint bike for team Lotto, it has since incorporated all-round qualities,” says Ridley.

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“If you check out the F-Wings at the bottom of the fork and the perfect transition between fork and frame, you'll see that not a single detail escaped our attention.” More on that tech later…

Ridley’s F-Tubing and F-Surface Plus tube shape technology promise improved aerodynamics for going faster.

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“By shortening the end of the NACA profiles (F-Tubing), we discovered that drag was reduced,” Ridley says.


“We also created a groove in the frame called the F-Surface Plus. By applying this technique, we created an airflow that flows more efficiently along the tube.”

Ridley Noah Fast Disc 4

The shape of the seatstays are oval with the widest side on the horizontal axis, and Ridley says this is key to maximising power transfer.

Ridley Noah Fast Disc 2

“By placing this wide side horizontally, every watt produced is converted into speed, without losing power on the way to the rear wheel,” says Ridley.

Ridley Noah Fast Disc 3

The seatstays have also been connected lower down on the seat tube for additional comfort.

“Due to this lower point of contact, both the seat tube and seatpost can more effectively filter out vibrations,” Ridley says.

“In addition, the seatstays can provide more vertical flexibility—all this results in a more comfortable bike ride.”

Small, aerodynamic wings Ridleys calls 'F-Wings' are positioned at the bottom of the fork.

Ridley Noah Fast Disc f wings

“Our engineers developed these fairings after extensive testing in the wind tunnel, where they noticed that the hub and its connection to the fork were causing turbulence.” Ridley explains. “These F-Wings fairings ensure that this turbulent airflow flows smoothly again.”

Ridley Noah Fast Disc 5

The aerodynamic profile and groove of the D-shaped seatpost are both features of Ridley’s F-Tubing.

Ridley Noah Fast Disc 6

As well as this the brand has built in comfort for improve performance during the longest rides; the flat backside promises to filter out road buzz by incorporating flex into the seatpost.

The Noah Fast Aero Handlebars use a classic, round bend with drops that are flared by five degrees so you can easily shift into an aero riding position, without any “annoying pressure points or impossible hand positions,” says Ridley. The reach is 75mm, and the drop 130mm.

Ridley Noah Fast Disc 7

Thanks to a D-shaped steerer tube, all cables pass through the handlebar and stem, along the flat front area of the steerer tube and down into the frame for a fully integrated front end and clean finish.

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