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Five cool things coming soon from Topeak, Zefal, Alba Optics, Defeet and Bontrager

Some of our top picks from the test pile this week, with reviews coming soon...

Has Spring arrived?? It sure felt like it at the weekend... what glorious weather! But shorts, really? I saw lots of riders braving it out and about...

Zefal Z Adventure R17 saddle bag

2021 Zefal Z Adventure R17 saddle bag - from back.jpg


The Z Adventure R17 saddle bag is designed to carry a large volume of items without the need of a rear rack fitted to your bike. It attaches to the saddle rails and seat post for optimal weight distribution and can carry a maximum load of 5kg.

Its volume can be adjusted from eight to 17 litres, and the folding closure and waterproof fabric should protect what’s inside from the elements.

Stuart Kerton has been going on adventures with this bag and his full report will be landing soon…

Bontrager Velocis Winter gloves

2021 Bontrager Velocis Winter glove.jpg


The new Velocis winter gloves are made of a softshell fabric with a fleece lining and include an integrated waterproof bladder for when you get caught out in the elements. The unpadded gloves feature a Wetgrip palm, which promises “unmatched handlebar grip and feel in any weather”.

Other useful touches include an integrated buckle to keep the pair locked together when not in use, a soft nose wipe on the thumb and a touchscreen-compatible pointer finger. Bontrager says these gloves are “highly dexterous”; Liam Cahill has been out in all weather conditions and he will be letting us know soon if these gloves they live up to Bontrager’s claims…

Topeak Prepstand ZX


This workstand does not require mounting or clamping your bike—with these systems there is always the concern that scratches or damage could be caused to your beloved bike frame. Instead, your seatpost or seat tube can be hung from the arm of the Prepstand ZX. This system lifts the rear wheel up, while the front stays on the floor.

When not in use it claims to be easy to collapse down, store and open with a simple QR clamp—it folds down to 88x11x11cm. It also comes with an optional tool tray to hold tools and small parts, close for quick and easy access. Emma Silversides has been using this stand for repairs and her full report will be up on the site soon…

Alba Optics Stratos sunglasses

2021 Alba Optics STRATOS WHT VZUM FLENS - folded.jpg


A complete and unobstructed view is promised by these glasses made in Italy. The Stratos features the brand’s new S-Lens VZUM lens which is an ultralight polycarbonate interchangeable lens—there are a choice of eight lens that can be swapped in with what Alba Optics says is a simple interlocking system. The frame is telescopic and adjustable in four different positions for a comfy, secure fit.

A central vent is also included to prevent the glasses fogging up. I’ve been testing the photochromatic lens on the Stratos on gloomy and bright rides recently, and my full report will be landing soon…

Defeet Evo Mont Ventoux 6inch socks

2021 Defeet Evo Mont Ventoux 6inch socks


The Mont Ventoux socks from DeFeet feature a breathable and quick-wicking Ventoux grid pattern that is said to remove material in strategic patterns to create thinner windows that allow sweat to disappear more quickly. The extruded filament polyester thread, rather than a ring-spun yarn, promises to provide a slicker and smoother feeling, as well as saving weight.

Stuart Kerton has been testing the very bright orange versions, but these socks are also available in blue, black, pink and white. Stu’s verdict on these will land soon…

For all the latest test reports, head over to our reviews section. If you want some more advice before splashing the cash, check out our buyer's guides

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froze | 3 years ago

 So DeFeet said about their new socks: "to create thinner windows", does this mean that the sock wears out faster too?

TheBillder | 3 years ago
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I have a feeling that conventional maintenance stands can perform the same trick if you fancy squatting as you work...

Tistdc | 3 years ago

Clear transparent cycling glasses at Decathlon, €5. Pricing for cycling stuff is sometimes questionable

theslowcyclistxx replied to Tistdc | 3 years ago

There are many many things in the cycling world which are absurdly overpriced. However, glasses are not one of them in my opinion. The difference between cheap and expensive clear glasses on a hard winter group ride is the difference between riding blindfolded and being able to navigate safely. If there is one thing I would recommend anyone starting to ride in a group to use money on, it is quality glasses.

Yorky-M replied to theslowcyclistxx | 3 years ago
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Oakley have two jets for scurrying their professional athletes, that they pay million to wear their shades, around the world.  It is ALL a marketing scam that has worked on you. Just business. How much will the consumer pay?

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