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Flanders update...

James has had some bad news away from cycling.

Its been a rollercoaster.

That is the only thing I can say so far about the Flanders experience.

It seems only weeks ago I signed up full of joy and optimism. I was looking to get through winter with some coaching and some sort of plan and then it happened.

Cancer struck our family and we still find ourselves in the midst’s of its iron like grip. For me its hit hard and keeps punching again and again.

I have stuck to getting out and getting miles in, but not in the structured way I had anticipated. It was a dark and scary Christmas and New Year and despite positive news about my Mums condition I am still struggling to get my head round these changes to our family life. My miles have been hard and exhausting, but more for cleansing my mind than getting over 20% cobbled climbs.

And  with less than a month to go and a ferry and hotel booked, I am still not 100% certain I will even be making the trip to ride.

My Mum has told me to go out there and inspire her for the battle she is waging. Lots of emotion to come out on the day, as well as hopefully power and good pedalling legs. If I am happy to leave her and go to Oudenaarde then there will be a follow up post, telling you all how I did. 

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