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Kamasutracat - Valentine velo race


Billed as the Valentine's Kamasutracat was the first alleycat messenger bike race of the year, Probably. Ok, it isn't purely for couriers but more of a turn up and take part and more importantly money raised went towards the London Courier Emergency Fund. An Alley cat race is basically a point to point orienteering race across town and a lot of fun to boot. It was supposed to Start from Tour de Ville, Lamb Lane E8 at 1pm, but with a low initial turn out and a lot of dithering and chatting and perving over some very nice bicycle bits we were finally ready to race. To say it was laid back would be an understatement, if it was anymore horizontal I would have still been in bed! I offered my services as a marshal and my checkpoint happened to be a table dancing club in Soho. Hmmm?
Here are the results:

1 BBQ (Aussie) Mike
2 Alex (Fromemory)
3 Corinne - 1st Girl
4 Rob C
5 Sano
6 Liam
7 Jonny H
8 Arsene
9 Massey
10 Juliet - 2nd Girl
11 Marco

DNF: Dean, Cengiz, Fred, Adam, Nick, Georgie(F) & Sam(F).

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