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"What do you mean 'we didn't win everything', Hugh?!"


Okay, one Gold up to now.

It's all understandable - a young team has been taken to Poland, post-Olympic come down for some riders, other nations upping their game, our very best are absent. I personally haven't got an issue with the GB performance, if the second-stringers (in some events) can get a medal, that that bodes very well for the future and for the creme da la creme of GB track cycling upping their game further.

So, I'd like to pose a couple of questions regarding the BBC (that bastion of international cycling!) and their excellent coverage:

1. How excited do we think that the BBC will be in future about covering cycling (in as much depth as they have here) if we dont bring home a hat full of gold medals?

2. Will they be happy to dedicate prime-time, early evening slots on BBC2, and what's more the golden girl Gabby Yorath/Logan, in future?

3. Will they think that London 2012 is a long way off, and a cold trip to Poland in March to see us come 2nd, or 3rd or, god damn it 4th, is just not worth it?

4. Will they just not understand what is really going on, and think that we are just no good anymore?


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