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30 mile icy ride!

30 miles in the icy Shropshire hills.

-5 degrees on Saturday morning in the rolling Shropshire hills. A 30 miler on a collection of old, pub and loaner bikes with family and friends, it felt like the "old days".

"It's not about what you are riding but about how much fun you are having." - Was that Gary Fisher?

Arguably you can have a better ride on the best kit money can buy, but equally you can have an awesome ride on the bike that is left at the back of the in-laws garage.

Any way, I digress. 

We rode an amazing 30 mile route from Bridgnorth toward the Brown Clee, through the villages of Glazely, Middleton Scriven, Chorley and Ditton Priors. Rolling country lanes with very little traffic and significant ice sat in the dips. We gingerly descended each hill, scrubbing all speed before the ascent of the other side, but it was great! Amazing roads, stunning views, ducks on frozen ponds, great company and a flask of soup.

Now that's riding!


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The Spare | 12 years ago

Oh, I agree! In my case, last Sunday I set off in rain to meet up with my local bike group - only to find they'd all wimped out (hope they don't read this). What to do? Go home - what a letdown! Go anyway - well, I was already wet, so why not! There followed three hours of fun through rain that was never less than steady and frequently pouring, on my own along sort-of the route the group would have followed. I stopped at the most exposed spot to ring my sister and tell her what a good time I was having, as I dropped both gloves in a big puddle and my glases steamed up. The coffee break was taken standing up outside a kiosk in Windsor Great Park, bringing cheer and revenue to the proprietors.

Solo cycling means never having to say you're sorry or explain your route. I also think part of the fun is being able to quit just at the point when your feet are really too cold to feel, your trousers are so saturated they start to stretch and the rain dripping on your head is coming off the inside of your helmet. I got that bit right, arriving home with the smile still on my face having had a positively splendid morning.

That's riding too!  4

arrieredupeleton | 12 years ago

You know it's icy when your rear wheel is spinning in the granny gear going up a hill! It certainly makes you concentrate on the descent.

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