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Matt's blog 1 - New wheels for a new challenge

Building towards a century? Me too. Here's part one, getting a bike

This is the first in what will be a monthly series and in this instalment, I get to unbox a bike that is going to become my best friend over the next few months as I build towards my first century.

I will be riding the Velo South in September and this will the first time I have ever ridden 100 miles in one sitting, so I thought, why not record my progress and document how I'm getting on?

The aim of this series is to show my growth from a relative newbie to fully fledged roadie in the space of six months. This isn't going to be your regular blog though, I am going to be asking YOU for advice along the way, how best to train, how much should I eat while on the bike and anything in between.

Maybe you're watching this and you're building towards your own cycling target, goal or sportive then come along with me and get involved, if there's anything you're nervous about then allow me to be your personal testing dummy.

See you out on the road, 


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