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The and the Collarbone Olympics photo challenge - UPDATE AND SNEAK PEEK!

Sneak peek of entries on the crowdsourced Olympics photo collection

While you've been enjoying the track cycling, we've been tirelessly working to curate the and Collarbone Olympics photo challenge.

OK, that's not strictly true, but we have received some really nice entries. For the full low-down on what we're proposing, check here, but essentially, we're crowdsourcing a photo collection showing the Olympics cycle races through the general public's lenses.

So, in advance of the full collection, which is coming soon on and the Collarbone, here's a taster of what we've had so far.

The full collection will have titles and captions, and there is still time to submit - to olympics [at] - so get your pics in! Do you have any showing the exuberance and the excitement on Box Hill? Or on the track, or any behind the scenes? Send them in!

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