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A closer look at Adam Yates' Colnago V4Rs that propelled him to the first Tour de France stage win of 2023

New parts and modifications grabbed our attention on the first bike to be ridden to a stage victory at the 2023 Tour de France

Team UAE Emirates stormed into yellow on stage one of this year's Tour de France, but perhaps not with the rider we expected. Here's a closer look at the Colnago V4Rs that Adam Yates rode to victory. 

2023 Dauphine Colnago V4Rs Yates - 1 (1).jpeg

The Colnago V4Rs is the only bike Team UAE Emirates use for road stages, and so the frame is shared between sprinters such as Matteo Trentin and climbers such as Tadej Pogacar and Adam Yates. Despite the aero features such as Kamm tail tube profiles, the frame is competitively light at just 798 grams.

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2023 has seen quite the shakeup for Yates' team. Gone are the Campagnolo groupsets and wheels, and in their place is Shimano Dura-Ace and Enve componentry. Predictably the groupset is the latest 12-speed Shimano R9200 Dura-Ace, and we'll get to the bars, chainrings and disc brakes further down the page.

2023 uae emirates colnago v4rs with carbonti chainring credit colnagoworld

Yates appears to opt for 54/40T chainrings most often, and an 11/34T cassette at the back. From what we've seen, this is by far the most common choice for riders using Shimano.

However, since seeing this bike we've noticed that CarbonTi's X-Carboring Evo carbon chainrings (as shown on Pogacar's bike above) have been making more and more appearances on Team UAE bikes, including on Adam Yates' stage-winning bike.

2023 carbonti chainring X-Carboring_EVO_Ramp_Detail

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The 170mm cranks are paired with this 54T ring with aluminium teeth, carbon body and titanium elements which weighs in at 112g. That sounds pretty impressive, until you realise that the Dura-Ace ring weighs just 4 grams more at 116 grams. Let's hope it shifts just as well!

2023 Dauphine Colnago V4Rs Yates - 10.jpeg

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The wheels in question are Enve's SES 4.5 wheels (56mm deep rear/50mm deep at the front) which have a claimed weight of 1,452g.

Wheels have been getting wider and wider in recent ywars, and these follow that trend. In fact, these have a monstrous internal rim width of 25mm! That means that Enve doesn't recommend these wheels for any tyres narrower than 27mm. 

Yates is indeed using tyres larger than 27mm; 28mm, in fact. UAE Team Emirates is sponsored by Continental tyres, and Yates opts for the GP5000 S TR set up tubeless.

2023 Dauphine Colnago V4Rs Yates - 5.jpeg

At the front end, we're seeing a real mix of components between the UAE riders. Some are opting for the Colnago CC.01 integrated cockpit, others this two-piece arrangement from Enve. Pogacar is using a very good-looking, unreleased Enve SES Aero road one-piece handlebar.

Mounted to all of them are Wahoo cycle computers, and Yates opts for the latest Wahoo Roam at the end of his 130mm-long stem. The Enve stem seamlessly integrates with the V4Rs frame thanks to a custom 3D-printed headset cap.

2023 unrelease enve integrated bar stem combo credit jeredgruberenvecomposites

An Instagram post from Enve states that the rest of us will be able to purchase the new bar "later this year", and no doubt it will carry a sizeable price tag. Have a guess at what you think it will cost in the comments section below!

Another exciting point is that the post says that this is the first product developed in conjunction with the UAE team. Does that mean that more are on the way?

2023 Adam yates sprint shifter

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Hiding underneath the Colnago own-brand bar tape is a Shimano sprint shifter, allowing easy access to gear changes while in the drops.

Despite the name 'sprint shifters', Yates proves that the additional buttons aren't just for the heavy hitters of the bunch finishes, and rather for anyone who wants the additional shifting option when riding in the drops.

2023 Dauphine Colnago V4Rs Yates - 2.jpeg

In what is presumably an effort to save more weight, the UAE team have specced seatposts from Darimo. The boutique carbon specialists confirmed this in social media posts, and has been supplying UAE with its seatposts throughout the 2023 season. 

A carbon cup cradles the saddle rails, which are then held down using two saddles yokes and screws. These attach to a metal rod that goes right the way through, something you won't find on the V4RS seatpost.

2023 Dauphine Colnago V4Rs Yates - 16.jpeg

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Yates perches on a 153mm wide, carbon railed, short nose Prologo Space Dimension saddle.

Dura-Ace pedals adorn all the UAE bikes that we spotted, but one thing that isn't Shimano is the brake rotors. These come from the boutique Italian brand CarbonTi, and as the name suggests have semi-floating carbon carriers, a steel braking surface and titanium rivets to hold them together. Yates' rotors measured 160mm at the front and 140mm at the rear.

2023 carbonti brake disc and thru axle team uae yates

The Ultralight X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 brake discs aren't exactly a completely new creation. These are in fact the third generation and have been on weight weenie mountain bike riders' wishlists for quite some time.

You can expect to see more and more of these popping up on road bikes now that CarbonTi have released their adaptors to take the six-bolt rotors to direct mount. The edge of the disc also has more rounded edges to please the UCI.

CarbonTi also provides the thru axles. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that a World Tour team is using aftermarket thru-axles in the pro peloton. The thru axles in question are the X-Lock Evo thru-axles, which weigh in at 23g for the front one and 30g for the rear.

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Elite Leggera carbon bottle cages complete the build, which weighs in at a not-ever-so-light 7.6kg - although that is with a cycle computer and empty bottles mounted.

Even so, that means that despite the weight-saving measures Yates' bike is a good few hundred grams over the UCI weight limit of 6.8kg. It doesn't seem to have slowed him down yet though!

Adam Yates wins 2023 Tour de France stage one (Alex Whitehead/
Alex Whitehead/

Do you rate Yates' modifications? Let us know in the comments section below...

Jamie has been riding bikes since a tender age but really caught the bug for racing and reviewing whilst studying towards a master's in Mechanical engineering at Swansea University. Having graduated, he decided he really quite liked working with bikes and is now a full-time addition to the team. When not writing about tech news or working on the Youtube channel, you can still find him racing local crits trying to cling on to his cat 2 licence...and missing every break going...

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ubercurmudgeon | 10 months ago

Surely Adam Yates propelled the bike to the win, rather than vice versa?

clayfit | 10 months ago

The German "Tour" magazine has measured the aerodynamics at 221W in their test at 45km/h compared to the Cervelo S5 and the Canyon at 202W and the Tarmac at 207W. The difference is 0.7 seconds in a 300m sprint- that's worlds. They concluded that Pog and the team is starting with a significant disadvantage. 

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