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Tread the fine print

Series of prints highlight the graphic patterns of bicycle tyres

Those graphic designer types are partial to knocking up a bit of cycle related art and this series of “Tread” posters from Intercity is another addition to that proliferate relationship. The series comprises of four prints patterned with tyre tread footprints, covering the disciplines of BMX, cyclo-cross, MTB and road cycling.

Intercity is a graphic design studio with an international network of clients and collaborators covering the worlds of art, design, photography, illustration, digital media and more, applying its considered and creative approach across a full range of editorial, music, branding, fashion and advertising projects. And art prints.

Designed by William Hibberd, the “Tread” print series was born out of an obsession with bikes (plus early memories of friends comparing tyre patterns) and documents a selection of the most interesting graphic shapes and patterns found on everyday bicycle tyres. The treads were chosen as a compromise between the best patterns, the well known classics and personal favourites when it comes to performance.

The iconic sit alongside the new; Clement cyclo-cross tyres bump shoulders with Bontragers, Michelins glide alongside Continentals, Maxxis ride the same trails as Schwalbe. If you wanted to be a pseud about it you could waffle on about how it exemplifies the diversity of cycling and cyclists, otherwise it’s just a nice series of images. 

Any roadie that’s looked at a wet tyre mark on tarmac and tried to discern what tyre it was or any off-road rider that’s scrutinized a track in the mud wondering if they know who has passed before them purely by the pattern left behind will appreciate these prints. And even if you’re not a tyre nerd you might surprise yourself with how many treads you’ll recognize.

Each print is available in three sizes, A2, A1 and if you have a particularly large wall that needs covering, a humungous A0, costing £30, £60 and £120 respectively from Print-Process.

Jo Burt has spent the majority of his life riding bikes, drawing bikes and writing about bikes. When he's not scribbling pictures for the whole gamut of cycling media he writes words about them for and when he's not doing either of those he's pedaling. Then in whatever spare minutes there are in between he's agonizing over getting his socks, cycling cap and bar-tape to coordinate just so. And is quietly disappointed that yours don't He rides and races road bikes a bit, cyclo-cross bikes a lot and mountainbikes a fair bit too. Would rather be up a mountain.

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topangarider | 10 years ago

If there's no Tioga Psycho 2, I'm not interested!!

jason.timothy.jones | 10 years ago


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