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New online store offers a shop window for bespoke cycling brands aims to link up small retailers with the wider cycling market

The massive amount of cycling-related projects on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites is testament to the fact that there's plenty of small companies making interesting stuff for your bike. But if you're just a small retailer making cools stuff, and you're not looking for seed money, it can be difficult to get your products seen. For those people there's a new option,, which aims to open up bespoke cycling products to a bigger audience.

The site follows a similar model to sites such as Etsy and; it's the brainchild of London-based David Warren and Newcastle-based Paul Errington. “Both Paul and I have a real love for bespoke, purposefully engineered and crafted products”, says Warren. “We always buy the unusual bits, one: because we like to support smaller brands, and two: because a lot of them have some really cool, innovative stuff.”

The site is now live with founding vendors including Look Mum No Hands from the UK, Ari Cycles from Israel and Ahrberg from Germany. The two founders are actively seeking more companies to come on board to “We’re continuously looking for unusual brands from across the globe, and from any area of cycling”, says Warren. “It’s not about location – we don’t care where you are, if you have a product to sell, we have a platform for you. We’ll be taking each vendor on their merits, so even if you are quite big, if you fit into system and compliment the other brands, we’ll definitely consider you.

" is simply a facilitator in the retail relationship – vendors take the money, take care of shipping and take all responsibility for the product. We try and keep it as simple as possible”, Warren adds.

Head over to the site to see what's currently on offer. We might buy Dave that Lanterne Rouge tee, depending on how he does in his first Cat 4 race this evening. If you're a maker and you’d like to add your brand to, or you’d simply like to find out more, contact the team at info [at]

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