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Build your own rollers for £20 + video

Don’t get too excited, this involves rolling pins. Yep, rolling pins

Riding on rollers can be an appealing option at this time of year, and if preparations for Christmas have left you cash strapped GCN’s new video shows you how to make your own for 20 quid.

Here’s what you need:

• 2 x 5ft lengths of 4 x 2in wood
• 6 right angle brackets
• 3 rolling pins
• Inner tube
• Puncture repair kit
• 2 Camembert lids (yes, the cheese)
• 8 x 4in screws

You’ll also need these tools:

• Drill
• Screwdriver
• Saw
• Tape measure
• Scissors
• Pencil

The video shows you exactly what to do, and it looks very simple. Essentially, you build a wooden frame, mount the rolling pins on to it, and use the inner tube to provide the drive for the front wheel.

You know how some rolling pins are just a single piece of shaped wood, and others have an axle down the middle and handles that don’t rotate while you’re doing the rolling? Okay, you’ve never actually given it much thought before, but take my word for it.

Anyway, GCN have used the latter type, so the main body of the rolling pin spins on the axle as you pedal, and the handles are fixed on the wooden frame. This means there’s no friction between the rolling pins and the frame, which is good news.

The bad news is that there’s a hell of a lot of friction inside those rolling pins. Rubbing dry wood together fast is a really good way to start a fire. GCN are fully aware of this!

“These rollers won’t be anywhere near as good as a set you can buy from the shop,” says GCN’s James Morell. “They’ve got a lot of resistance and they’re basically all-round rubbish, but you can build a set of rollers for £20.”

So, they’re not the answer to all your roller needs, then.

You might be able to make yourself something half-decent using industrial plastic rollers instead of the rolling pins. You could get yourself three 50 x 400mm rollers on eBay for just over £20, for example.

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