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Cyclist seeks Good Samaritan who locked up her bike after fall

Newmarket woman wants to say 'thank you' to person who helped her following crash...

A Suffolk cyclist is looking for a Good Samaritan who made sure her bike was secure after she was injured in a fall last month.

Yvonne Zellen, from Newmarket, spent two days in Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital after she was sent flying over her handlebars as she attempted to adjust her hat, reports Cambridge News.

She sustained a fractured eye socket in the incident, which happened on 20 November on Newmarket’s Mill Hill.

During her stay in hospital, she discovered a note in her bag telling her where her bike had been locked up following the incident.

“I didn’t have time to think. I went straight over the handlebars, all because I had tried to secure my hat,” she said. “I looked ghastly, like a horror movie.”

The charity fundraiser went on: “I started to think about what happened and how fortunate I was that someone phoned for an ambulance and had been kind enough to let me know where my bike was.

“They could have taken it. I also had quite a lot of money in my purse which they could have taken but they didn’t.”

Wanting to say thank you to the person who helped her, she went to the house where the bike had been secured but it was empty and she was told the people living there had moved, but she would still like to contact them to express her gratitude.

“When a Good Samaritan treats someone with such good will and kindness then they need to be recognised,” she told Cambridge News.

“I feel they should be thanked for the good they’ve done.

“They proved that the good outweighs the bad,” she added. “The world is full of unpleasant things but they bring out the best in it.”

If you are the Good Samaritan, or know the person who is, Natalie Robinson at Cambridge News would like to hear from you and can be contacted on 01223 434439 or by emailing //natalie.robinson [at]" target="_blank">natalie.robinson [at]

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KirinChris | 9 years ago

I was lucky in a fall just a few days ago.

Came off on ice on a small lane in Hampshire while riding with a mate and knew immediately I wasn't going anywhere other than in an ambulance.

We were near a house which my mate went up to and the lady and her daughter came out with blankets, sweet tea and conversation to distract from the pain which all helped enormously with the shock while we waited.

She offered to look after the bike too but my buddy's wife came up with their car to collect him and both bikes.

Happily we had the address from calling the ambulance so I was able to send her some nice flowers afterwards and my mate dropped around a bottle of wine as a thank you.

jarderich | 9 years ago

A good news story, although Newmarket is most definitely in Suffolk.

HeadInTheClouds replied to jarderich | 9 years ago
jarderich wrote:

A good news story, although Newmarket is most definitely in Suffolk.

Having been born and living there for 18 years before moving to London I think it is (or was) a little more complicated. I think part (or most) of the town is in Suffolk, but some of it is in Cambridgeshire. Not sure how true this is now.,_Suffolk

I know there was plans to move it to Cambridgeshire:

However if you asked anyone there they would probably say Suffolk.

lc1981 replied to HeadInTheClouds | 9 years ago
HeadInTheClouds wrote:

I know there was plans to move it to Cambridgeshire

Isn't it a bit heavy for that?

massspike | 9 years ago

Something you will really appreciate if you have been unfortunate enough to have an accident while on a solo ride.

My last time, one of the EMTs was a cyclist and realized that leaving an expensive bike on the side of a remote road wasn't a good idea so they gave it a lift to the hospital where he left it with an even keener cyclist. When my wife arrived to pick it up, he was researching the bike online (it's a relatively uncommon Serotta).

After a previous accident, the EMT's wouldn't take the bike so I told them I wasn't going with them (it was in a dicey area of town so the bike would have been stolen before they closed the doors on the ambulance). Fortunately a total stranger said he would look after it. When my wife (again) went to retrieve it at his apartment he even carried it down the stairs and helped load it into the truck.

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