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Hundreds turn out for slow ride in the rain to support Brighton's Preston Park (+ video)

£300k needed to upgrade track so racing can resume

The campaign to restore Brighton's Preston Park cycle track slowed down at the weekend with the staging of a 'slow ride' to demonstrate the depth of feeling about the state of the tarmac velodrome.

Brighton and Hove News estimates that despite the rain, around 300 people turned out for Saturday's slow ride which was organised by Rupert Rivett of Sussex Cycle Racing League.

Preston Park needs an estimated £300,000 in repairs to bring it up to modern standards, including a new perimeter fence. In the meantime, it's closed for racing though Brighton and Hove Council say it remains popular for "non-competitive use".

The council and British Cycling say they are working together on a solution and sources of funding.

As well as riders of all ages on road bikes, mountain bikes and kids' bikes, the turnout included Labour’s parliamentary candidate Purna Sen, and leader of the Brighton and Hove Conservative group Geoffrey Theobald.

"I have been living here for 20 years and I have seen the track disintegrating and not being cared for and I would like that to change," Rivett told the BBC

"I would like British Cycling and the council to see the great opportunity they have to do something with this facility.

"We are trying to make them realise that people do care and they don't like what is happening."

Rivett told Brighton and Hove News: “Considering it was awful weather I think it went really well.

“We knew there is good support for the track from social media, but when people show up you know they really mean it.

“All those hundreds of cyclists aren’t going to stop until the track is repaired.”

Rivett says the track has been important for the development of young cycling talent. His campaign to restore the track is supported by local cycling legend Sean Yates.

"Cyclists that come from this track have gone on to become professionals," said Rivett"Without racing, which is the heart of it, we could see this track being lost."

Sean Yates said: "If it's gone, it's gone and that would be a great shame. It's a fantastic facility."

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Rupert | 8 years ago

Another Campaign ride is planned by the SAVE PRESTON PARK CYCLE TRACK CAMPAIGNERS.

The ride on the 5th September starts at Brighton Pier and finishes at the Velodrome.
Just 2.8 miles, it's a ride for everybody that cares about saving the UK's oldest cycle track.

Rupert | 8 years ago

News of plans for the 2nd Save Preston Park Cycle track will be revealed on the 11th March.

This will be an even bigger ride and we plan to start from outside the track.

More details to follow.

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Rupert | 8 years ago

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